Burning Point Marks Turning Point

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     Burning point is a point of maximum desperation, at burning point things must either change or get worse. Two reasons can lead us to burning point ,positive decisions or negative decisions .At burning point ,one is at thier     lowest point because he who is down needs fear no fall ,failing is no longer  an option to be scared of .  At this point  ,everything is thrown at the problem  to make it go away .When burning point is as a result of positive decisions,  we have to rejoice because the turning point would  be more rewarding, however if it is as a result of negative  decisions,   it could lead to  sinking   deeper,   

Moses was groomed to be the heir apparent to pharaoh, but he rather made a  positive decision to suffer affliction with his kinsmen instead of enjoying the  spoils of  office with the royal family of Egypt. Soon after, he went into exile and at that point he came to the burning bush were he reached his burning point .From that point onward, the renowned stammerer was emboldened  enough to confront pharaoh using an ordinary stick which he had been carrying  for  forty  years.He mesmerised the king  his step father and his bald headed magicians  .That moment marked his turning point and the turning point of his afflicted kinsmen

Nebuchadnezzar was livid ,come and show me those little rats who has the audacity to defile my orders,he blurted out.  He came face to face with them and they told him point blank ,oh king may you live forever ,but we are  not  going to bow down to you graven image .  The king’s ego suffered a monumental slap and he commanded  the temperature of the furnace to  be increased. The three guys were bundled and thrown into the burning furnace together with all thier wordly possesions .Instead of being roasted by the raging fire, it was turned into air-conditioned apartment.  The unknown three little rascals become instant celebrities and ended up elevating the status of their God in the whole land, their  burning point became thier  turning point

Joseph was handsome, so handsome that Potipher’s wife started having hot pants for him .  Potipher’s wife was so pretty that she could  make a  statue  wink with love.  Joseph took a   positive decision not to defile his master’s bed .Notwithstanding  all the perks the woman promised Joseph, he took his stand unlike most people who would grab  the opportunity and thank God for speeding up their   time of visitation . Joseph rejected her tempting  advances  and secured himself  a bed space in the tough jails of Egypt. There, he reached his burning point .Ordinary explaining of dream to the king of Egypt elevated him from the prison to the palace .That period  marked his turning  point in life.

I don’t know this man ,in fact i  have never set  my eyes on  him before ,peter shouted .He was scared down to his pants .After the death of Jesus Christ ,the apostles hid themselves in the upper room ,with the doors securely locked in order to escape from Saul and his rampaging army of  persecutors. They were singing and praising God ,amid silently .Suddenly, the holy spirit  descended on them like a tongue of fire on everyone’s head .The once fearful apostles threw the doors ajar  and started ministering to the people with every man   from every tribe hearing and understanding their  own language .Sceptics around were dumfounded and dismissed them as been filled with new wine. Peter  having reached his burning point,  convinced  them with sound argument  and at the end of the day three thousand people gave their  life to Christ .His burning point became the turning point of so many people.


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