Wine Types

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Describedmanytypes ofwineandyoucanselect it in here. As you know, there is a wide selection of wines and how to categorize. It is clear that the most obvious way to sort by color, red or white. There are many other possibilities to identify the color of wine. Table wine, champagne or sparkling wine and dessert wines: The most popular type is recognized by consumers. For more information on all types here:

Table wine

Table wine, sparkling wine, the alcohol content of 14 percent or less not. But in many table wines, wine changed the actual alcohol content exceeds 14 percent. In some European countries are legally bound to an alcohol content of table 8.5 to 14 percent have. In areas with a warmer climate, wine, grapes cut if they have a high sugar content, which means that some alcohol alcohol of 14.5 to 15.5 per hundred can mean the fund. Table wine is available in white and red wines, red wines, especially Beaujolais Nouveau and Meritage distributed.

Champagne or sparkling wine

Champagne or sparkling wine, wine is probably one of the most recognizable outside the group. The most striking feature is the fact that the carbon dioxide, which for the preparation of the foam.

Often find that many people around the world to refer to all types of sparkling wine “Champagne”. The carbon dioxide by-product of the rules in the second fermentation, so that in a bottle or container.

Dessert wine

Usually, a dessert wine has an alcohol content of which 14 percent or more. The real dessert wine is usually enriched with the addition of alcohol in the wine.

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