Back to the Future (1985)

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“Back to the Future” is one of my favorite movies from the 1980s. I have always had a fascination with science fiction and on top of it all, I like when time travel is involved. For some reason, time travel I have a fascination with.

Back to the Future was directed by Robert Zemecki . There are two main characters; Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown with two supporting characters; Loraine Baines Mcfly and George Mcfly. George and Loraine are Marty’s parents and have a significant role in the course of the movie because Marty goes back in time by accident because he was being chased. He travels back in time to the year 1955 where Doc Brown had originally came up with the idea of time travel.

When Marty finds his way in 1955, the first person he meets outside of the Peabodies’ he meets his father at the local diner where he was being bullied by Biff. By interacting with his father, he had changed his history to the point that he wouldn’t exist along with his brother and sister. Once he had found Doc Brown, he was told that he had to make sure that his parents got together for the reason he and his siblings would be erased from history. Because his grandfather had run him over instead of his father, his mother was falling in love with him instead of his father which is the reason that Doc Brown had told him to make sure they get together. Doc Brown had explained to him how important it was to not interact with too many people because of how it can change history like it created from him. By the end of the movie, you can tell by the interaction with his parents had changed his history.

From my views, I could tell that Marty’s family lifestyle was different than what it was at the very beginning of the movie. They lived in a nicer, cleaner house where they seemed to have more money. His parents seemed more happy and confident about themselves and that they looked more kept up. His mom was thin, active and full of energy.

I think what we learn in this movie is that how time travel has a ripple effect and if you go back in time, it can change your history even if it’s something as small as saving someone from being ran over by a car like Marty’s father.


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