Social Drinkers

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Some persons started drinking habit socially at the beginning after some time they turned as addicts to the drinks. There is nothing wrong in drinking socially and have wine and beer for once in a week. In face wine is having some good health benefits and it is a medicine in some sort. But too much of drinking activities will spoil our life. We must be very careful to avoid the addiction.

Most of us will drink in social parties and functions for sharing enjoyment. Alcoholic drinks plays an important role in parties and functions. Some persons go to bar and pubs to have their drinks. Everything is good with a limitation and gives troubles and problems to us while crossing the limitation.

Avoid drinking habit and getting addicted with it. Some soft drinks like pepsi, coke and others also have some unwanted chemicals in it, we must avoid taking them in frequent manner. Just taste this kind of hard drinks and soft drinks once in a while, but don’t be addicted with them, it will give health issues to you.

Some people will drink to forget about their problems and issues. Drinking habit may give fun and temporary relaxation, but it will results in lung and liver problems and unwanted health issues. Don’t force anyone to take drink, as well as don’t take drinks in unwanted manner. Be a social drinker and taste the drinks whenever necessary. Avoid drinking at unnecessary time to get fun. This kind of temporary fun may give serious issues in your life.

There is nothing wrong in taking the drinks which is good for our health. Recently i read that Red wine is good for our health and having a lot of health benefits. So take it socially to keep your health in a good manner. I too prefer to take it once in a while.

What about you? Are you interested in drinking? Are you an social drinker? Do you think drinking habit is harm to our health? What is your opinion about social drinkers? Do you ever drink in social manner? Are you  interested in it?


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