No More Two Websites Are The Same Condition

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Company profile sites. This is the site where a certain company or business displays an extension about their profile and information that may have been stated initially in the printed materials that they have. Customers come here for the needed assistance about product and services. This kind of site is not necessarily the site where companies make promotions and marketing.

E-business web sites. These sites are enabled with e-commerce transactional abilities which allow online selling of products and services from the websites. Examples of these sites are yahoo and rediff. These sites are equipped with highly secure software programs and databases that run on backend. For those who have tight and less budgets, some sites offer pre-packaged e-commerce solutions.

Social and community-based web sites. These sites showcase topics with social relevance. Some created by people that have common interests. People come to these sites for a specific purpose that is relatively the same as the others. For those who do not share the same interests, visiting this kind of site would not at all adhere to their tastes and likes.

Vortal or portal sites. Where you can find a variety and assortment of many topics all in one site. The main purpose for this kind of sites may be to help readers look for the relevant information they need without having to go through many sites and without having to search everywhere. The topics and information put into this vortals or portals are already tailored firsthand to in accordance to the different kinds of readers that might visit them.

With more and more sites being created everyday, choosing the right one perfect for your needs is not necessarily an easy task. 

And more Tips for Article Submit.

If you have ever submitted articles to gain website popularity, then you know how long the pain-staking process takes. Well, there is a new automatic article submitting software that was just released last week called Article Submitter Pro. This software automatically formats your articles, rotates bio boxes, and converts the articles from text to HTML – whatever the article directory requires.

I submitted an article last week titled “The Truth – Adsense Click Fraud Can Not be Stopped” to less than half of the directories in Article Submitter Pro. As of right now my article has been picked up 55 times in Google, 32 times in Yahoo!, and 739 times in MSN. Article Submitter Pro also has a great feature that grabs your article off of a website. After grabbing the article, you can easily convert it to text and HTML in a snap. 

You may have seen the software package Article Announcer that was released in June. Honestly, Article Announcer and Article Submitter Pro have basically the same features, but Article Submitter Pro is the smarter purchase.

1. Article Submitter Pro is an instant download so you can get started immediately. 2. Article Submitter Pro is adding many of the user-requested features. 3. Article Submitter Pro is less than half of the price of Article Announcer.

You will definetly increase your search engine rankings, backlinks, and website traffic overall even if you just use Article Submitter Pro one time. Imagine submitting one article per day? 


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