Strawbery in The Pots

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The composition of the medium planting materials commonly used are:

    * The mixture of soil under pine trees, topsoil, leaf lamtoro and manure in the ratio 2:1:1.
    * Mixture of topsoil, sand and humus in the ratio 1:1:1.
    * Mixture of soil, sand, humus and manure in the ratio 1:1:1:1.
    * Mixture of soil, sand and manure in the ratio 1:1:2.

Charging into the planting medium pot
Ways of filling the embedding medium into the pot or container planting are:

    * Prepare tools and materials, consisting of pots (container planting), broken bricks (tiles), yells (emrat), planting medium, as well as other supporting facilities.
    * Insert a layer of broken bricks (tiles) to the bottom of the pot.
    * Enter the embedding medium into the pot until almost full.
    * Flush the planting medium in the pot with clean water until the state of the medium is quite wet.

Preparation of seed and planting
The procedure for planting seedlings into pots of strawberry plants are as follows:

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    * Flush the medium planting seedlings with clean water until the situation is quite wet.
    * Remove the seeds complete with roots and medium cropping by ripping (cutting) polybags.
    * Make the planting hole in the pot by digging (take) some medium cropping.
    * Plant the seeds right in the center of the pot in an upright position, then piled the base of the stems of plants with planting medium while slowly solidified.
    * Flush the embedding medium in a pot with water until the state of the medium is quite wet (humid).
    * Keep the pot in the shade and moist for 7-15 days in order to plant fresh again.

Maintenance of plant
a. Placement of pots
Placement of pots should consider the condition of the ideal growing environment and in harmony with the surrounding circumstances. And more importantly that the plant must get sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis.
b. Sprinkling
watering is done 2 times a day during the dry season, ie, morning and afternoon. This is to keep moisture media, so that the nutrients in the soil can be absorbed by the roots to the fullest.
c. Weeding and tilling the embedding medium
weeds that grow on the surface of the pot should be immediately revoked, this is to avoid fighting each other nutrients in the soil and also minimize terserangnya pests that nest in the weeds.
d. Fertilization
week after planting, fertilizing should be done. The type and dose of fertilizer composed of urea 2 teaspoons of TSP + KCl + half a teaspoon of half a teaspoon per pot. Fertilization is then performed 1-2 months old plants after planting with urea half a teaspoon of TSP + KCl + 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon per pot.
e. Pruning
pruning performed on dry or damaged leaves. Plants that are too dense also have trimmed the leaves. This is to stimulate fertilization.
f. Replacement pot and planting medium (repotting)
Replacement pots made in a pot when planting medium is solid, the roots have started to surface of the pot and plant growth has started to slow down even do not flower or fruit.
g. Protection of plants
include the use of crop protection yg healthy seedlings, planting media sterilization, pruning the plants are attacked by pests and diseases, the selective spraying of pesticides as directed.

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