Minimizing Risk, Caution Lust Not Too Buy

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Finding the ideal property at bargain prices can really save your investment capital. However, you should not rush to buy before knowing your property investment prospects in the future.

Investment property is somewhat unique. There is a property whose value suddenly decreased due to the location of the property was flooded, which is even lower to 30%. Conversely, there is also rising dramatically because of the area shopping malls being built, the addition of public facilities such as schools, hospitals, education, and others.

The value or price of a parcel of land and rising prices are not the same speed in different places. Land in the city are not the same as in the village. Land in the city center, although the “gang bumper”, not the same as the land in the suburbs.

Ensure that the land purchased a complete document. Such as certificates of land (or SHGB SHM), IMB, ask if there is a copy of the building blueprints of the building (its blue print), also SPPT the United Nations last year. Examine the data in the document of land with physical reality (the area of ​​land, location, expiration, etc).

Do not buy land that is still unclear status or pledged to other parties (eg banks). Or land still in dispute in court cases because some cases and others. Instead, it bought land not at risk because of the risk of disputes in the future is enormous.

Investment returns will be reduced because of the costs, such as the cost of purchasing the land, the annual United Nations, renovation or maintenance, electricity, telephone, cleaning, and more. You can try pressing the lowest possible cost of the above.

A good property investment is yag can provide income to you, either in the form of fixed income (from rents) and the potential increase in the price (purchase price difference). Calculate how much investment return assumption that you can get from the rising price of land in the area.

Therefore, in an investment property we must be alert to opportunities. Do not forget, well-known government and corporate plans for the future in the middle of the area you seek.


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