Is It Time To Retire The Academy Awards?

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This year’s Oscar ceremony seems to exhibit the height of boredom. It shows all that is wrong with the ceremony. The original host bailed when the producer was asked to leave for some very unkind comments. A frequent, former host was drafted as a last minute replacement. Hopefully, the host will not look like a last minute replacement, but this does not seem likely.

Last week was wasted with some nonsense about Sasha Cohen pretending to be a dictator. This was never really funny, and in view of the recent incidents in Afghanistan, its seems strangely pathetic. The show itself is never interesting; the canned jokes and weird performances simply make the show very long. I don’t know why Hollywood can’t put on a great performance, but for some reason it doesn’t.

Performers show up and strut their stuff. You think with money and a dresser these folks would show up looking great. Mostly, they don’t. Naked is not great. Half-naked is not great. Wearing clothes that look like they came from another planet is not great. Even worse, are the red carpet interviews. I don’t know why, but most of these actors can not speak two coherent sentences.

The nominations are just becoming silly. What was once awards given to actors by the industry has become totally influenced by every thing else. Many of the voters are very far removed from even seeing the pictures they are voting for. It is clear that people of color are not represented; and many votes are done to support a political view rather than a great performance. With performance being so subjective anyway, the Academy Awards has not stood up well to all of these outside influences. According to Deadline Hollywood, the Academy has extreme difficulty this year giving the tickets away. Even the people in the industry had better things to do.

This is my radical suggestion. Let’s take the thing off television. Secondly, cancel the adds that say “For your consideration.” Its time the industry returned to simply awarding themselves for the best in the business, over dinner, without having to produce a video, support a political view or promoting a new movie at the same time. I would be happy to simply read a press release about the results the day after the awards. Even the people at the awards don’t look like they are having fun any more. The Academy has become pointless.


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