Investment in The Property Sector is Very Tempting, Why Not?

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The survey result that was launched from iProperti Group, a global property services company. In Malaysia for example, 31.1% for rented property buyers and 28.2% for resale. In Singapore, the property buyers with greater investment objectives, namely to buy 39.7% and 26.1% leased for resale.

The increase in the price itself can be seen a minimum of NJOP (tax object sale value) is always going up every year. On the one hand, as other investment products, the property also contains the risk that the price does not rise or even fall. If the land is limited, then there is the possibility of price drops?

Immune from lucrative property investment because of inflation, because land prices keep rising. He calculates, return the property to sell an average of 20% per year. While rental yields on apartments in the business center by 12% -17% per year, and the shop yields about 3% per year. With pertimbanga above conclusions can we draw in the field of property investment bahawa sangatam profitable property investment considered safe and stable. Moreover, the property market has its own peculiarities.

Of the nature of property, investments in this area is very “tempting”. What are some factors that “tease” it?

– Property contains a strong element of security, then choose wisely and expertly manage

– Property will not disappear – When properly selected, the property will continue to make money from year to year despite changing business conditions

– The owner of the property will not be subject to the management of other people

– Income from property is chosen appropriately ensured continuing, stable, and followed the increase in value

– Property illiquid, these characters have to avoid people from financial loss

– Attached to a sense of personal ownership that are not found from other types of investments

– The number of properties is limited, the inherent features of monopoly

– Property provide a great income if managed properly restored and

– Property values will increase if selected appropriately stable

– Property fulfill human needs – Property has always pushed to the ground as houses, shops and offices.

“The need for ever-increasing industrial land in the middle of the limited supply of land and land prices encourage the industry to continue to rise and the increase is also predicted to occur in the apartment market. While the retail market which previously lease the shopping center also predicted stagnant growth.


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