What is Sacramento Internet Marketing?

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Internet marketing is very similar to off-line marketing. The biggest difference between online and off-line is how you get your name out there. The key to both forms of advertising is getting your name out there to the right target audience. How you do that online is definitely different than off-line. The types of media to use online are made up of a wide variety of formats.

The key types of online marketing are:

  1. Search engine marketing

  2. Link building

  3. E-mail advertising

  4. pay per click advertising

  5. Article marketing

  6. Video marketing

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing consists of building a website with all of the proper keywords that relate to the product or service that you are promoting. There is an entire process involved in selecting the proper keywords and then writing these keywords into your content that not only make it appealing to your target audience but it must also index highly with the search engines.

Link building

Link building is the process of gathering both one-way and two-way links. A two-way link is a reciprocal link. Most of the time you get a two way link by agreeing with another website owner to post a link over to their website. These links do not rate is highly with the search engines especially if the website that you exchange links with has very little to do with your website. And the real trick in getting valuable reciprocal links is finding sites that pertain to your product or service that are not competitors. One-way links are much more valuable as far as search engines are concerned because they are basically another website referring your product or service because they believe it to be a valuable resource. As you can imagine one-way links are much more difficult to obtain.

E-mail advertising

E-mail advertising comes in several different forms. The first one that comes to most people’s minds is bulk mail. Most people think of bulk e-mail as spam or unsolicited e-mail. There are wide variety of places that you can purchase legitimate lists of people that want to receive information about a variety of products and services. The other form of e-mail advertising is follow-up auto responders. This is where you have built your own list and you set up a series of messages to advertise to the people that have signed up to receive them.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is the ads to see when you’re browsing the web. You sign up somewhere such as Google or Yahoo and depending on the keywords that you select you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Depending on the competition of the keywords you select you can pay as high as $10 per click. With the proper selection of keywords you can still purchase keywords on a limited budget and get good targeted traffic. When you’re using pay per click is extremely important to track all the activity from your clicks to your website and what they are doing when they reach your website.

Article marketing

Article marketing consists of writing articles about a particular subject or service and posting your article to article websites. Each time that you post an article, your website address will appear in the resource box which is the equivalent of a one-way link back to your website. The other advantage of article marketing is that as when you gather a number of articles you will be looked upon as an expert in the area that your writing articles about.

Video marketing

Video marketing consists of recording a video that is giving information about your product or service. You can record your videos and submit them to video sites such as YouTube. When you submit videos you can include keywords and also a link to your website. This will also gain you coveted one-way links. I have found that video marketing will get you higher rankings much faster than any other form of marketing.

As you can see online marketing is very different than off-line marketing. In both cases you are trying to put your name, product or service in as many places as possible for as little cost as possible. The Internet definitely provides the opportunity for a beginner to learn how to do their own Internet marketing for little or no cost. The problem that I see happening most is that the learning curve can be fairly steep and people give up too soon. It’s completely understandable that when someone owns and off-line business and is trying to put the company online that is a very daunting task. It is usually much more cost-effective hire an expert in the field to build and market your website. A website presence that is half done will not yield the results that you want.


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