The Waterless Car Car Wash Has a Very Varied Customer Base

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One of the things that we love most about being in the waterless car wash industry is that our business really knows no specific demographic. Sure, 99% of our customers have one thing in common – they own a car – but the similarities really seem to stop there. Our customers come from all different walks of life and cover all sorts of ranges of age and income. We really do get to meet a whole lot of interesting people.

For example one type of customer that we often receive is the family man. He is looking for a product that will clean all of the family’s cars while not causing too much damage to the environment. He loves the way that the waterless car wash makes his car shine and he doesn’t even have to get out the soap and water or the bucket to get it done.

Then there are the sports car people. These people have spent a lot of money getting a car that is of the highest quality that they can afford and they want to make sure that they take care of it in the right way too. This type of customer really cares about what kind of ingredients are being used on their car and they feel confident in the waterless car wash.

Then we have the people who have done so many modifications to their cars that you can’t even tell what the original looked like anymore, not that we think that is a bad thing, After having so much done to their cars they want to make sure that they take the right steps to keep it looking good for years to come and the waterless car wash with all of its protective layers is a great way to achieve that. Nothing will work better to make your car stand out so much.

Then we have the people that are just concerned about the environment. They might not always be driving the newest or fanciest car but they know how much water is being wasted by using a traditional car wash. This is why they take their car into one of our dealers or use our products to wash their cars. An added benefit for them, especially if the car is older is that it can bring back some of that original shine that many of them thought was lost forever.

As you can see, there is quite a wide range here in terms of what kind of people use the waterless car wash. There are several distinct groups but they are all very different from each other and then there are still all of the people that can’t be categorized into any of these groups. We love to see how much people appreciate our product and what it does for them as well as seeing people from all different walks of life coming together around one common goal – protect our environment while giving your car a great cleaning too.


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