High Gas Prices And Obama’s Energy Policy

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Obama and all democrats believe in Global Warming and Climate change.  Obama and all democrats believe that Americans use too much energy and create too much pollution.  Obama and all democrats believe that all Americans should be made to pay for our energy using habits.   For this reason they want higher taxes and a Cap and Trade system.  This is reason why whenever any budget discussions occur Obama, Pelosi and Reid all demand higher taxes.  They are trying to punish Americans for our energy use.

However, it is an election year.  No democrat politician can afford to be honest about what he believes in an election year.  No one would vote for a democrat if they were honest.  The democrats would say:  We plan to make the price every form of energy that Americans uses “necessarily skyrocket”.  This will make everything in America—every good, every service of any kind skyrocket.  With democrats the cost of living is guaranteed to skyrocket.  Jobs will be more expensive to create.

So the question is, will democrats lie to get elected?  Will they deny that it is their purpose to jack up the price of all fossil fuels just as soon as the election is over?  If democrats believe in their hearts that America has done wrong and should be punished, then they will tell that lie.  If democrats believe that Global Warming and Climate Change are real and that America is the chief culprit they will certainly jack up prices.  But  how can we be certain they will they lie about it?

Yes they will lie and it can be easily proven that they will.  Remember Commie Care?  Some call it ObamaCare.  Some call it socialized medicine.  Others call it government healthcare.  You know it as the same fine service that brought the entire nation of Greece to the brink of economic collapse.  Remember how most Americans did not want communist medicine forced down our throats?  Remember that democrats resorted to all kinds of bribery, lies and parliamentary tricks to force Marxist Medicine down our throats?  Why did they do that?  Because, like good little communists, all democrats were certain they knew what was best for us.  So they were willing to lie to get it passed.

By the way, how is that government sponsored long term healthcare plan—the Class Act–working out?

Obama is even willing to violate the separation of Church and state and force his own personal religion on America.  Obama claims his push for government sponsored health care was inspired by this Christian faith.  Obama’s recollection of the Bible is complete at odds with reality.  The sick in the Bible came to Jesus for healing. Not the government.  Moreover when people asked if Jesus would become a government agent he called for his own version of the separation of Church and State.    It is in fact blasphemous and profane to invoke the name of Jesus when you want higher taxes or government healthcare.  Only a Satan Worshipper or a communist would do so.  This is why all democrats and all republicans-in-name-only do it.

By the way, if universal healthcare is so universal then why are so many Americans are exempt from it?   In my view, it’s too bad Attorney General Holder is busy committing treason and running guns for drug dealers in Arizona or he might notice the violation of the equal protection clause of the constitution.

From our experience with Kommie Kare, we know that if democrats feel that a certain Marxist policy is good for us, they will lie to put into place irrespective of the consequences.  So yes, if a democrat says they will not cause fossil fuel prices to spike after the election, in my very own personal opinion, you know for damn sure, they are telling an absolute 100% lie.

By the way, Global Warming is a Hoax and Climate Change is a fraud.  There has been no warming in 15 years.  Europe has experienced one of the coldest winters on record with many subsequent deaths.   Ice sheets and glaciers around the world are not shrinking—some are even growing.  There has been no increase in the fraction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for 150 years. 

Moreover, most of the heaviest polluting industries in the western world have relocated to the third world.  Since our manufacturing is moving to the third world how could we possibly at fault for Global warming and Climate Change even if they were happening?  We couldn’t.   That’s how you know that everything connected with Global Warming and Climate Change in the West is all a redistributionist commie plot.  And oh by the way, the dictum:  follow the money is still in full force and effect.  Check out who gets super, super rich from picking our pockets should Cap and Trade be established.  Some rich commies own the carbon trading exchanges and they will become very, very rich commies.

Try applying common sense to environmental concerns.   Consider over two billion people in China and India and the rest of the third world trying to move up to western standards of living.  They have lower pollution standards and most of our heavy industries have moved to the third world.  Does your common sense tell you that we could possibly be polluting more than they do?    In China they had to shut down industries so that the athletes could breathe during the Olympics.  Moreover, in China ordinary people have been involved in anti-pollution riots—maybe they know something you don’t?

Whenever you pay more for gas, electricity or any other form of energy in the United States remember it is a result of democrat policies.  Obama has reduced and even shut down oil drill off our shores.  Obama restricted and reduced domestic energy production while actually paying for Brazil to produce more energy.  The Obama administration has restricted the building and running of more coal power plants even though our economy is fueled off coal.  Obama’s green energy future is littered with bankrupt green energy companies.  The soonest the green energy future Obama promises could get here is 25 years—that is the fastest that our existing energy infrastructure could be substantially replaced.  It could not be done until long after Obama leaves office.  What will we do for domestic energy in the mean time?  We will pay necessarily skyrocketing prices of course.

Although left wing politicians almost always lie, some of their followers fail to get the message.  If you peruse the social media and the comments to all the news media, you will often find garden variety left wingers admitting that the real plan is to jack up all energy prices—and they love it.


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