A Review of The Book Blood Rites (The Grey Wolves Series #2) by Quinn Loftis

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   Okay this is the review of book two of the Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis.  So hopefully you have read the first book if not then spoiler alert.  So now that Fane his taken care of Lucas you would think he would be in the all clear to perform the blood rites with Jacque.  Unfortunately that doesn’t get to happen.  On their way to meet up with Fane Jacque, Jennifer, Sally, and Jacque’s mom Lilly are in a car accident.  Jacque and Jennifer wind up severely hurt and are sent to a local hospital to recover.  The whole time Decebel the pack’s Beta is acting overly protective of Jennifer.  He is unable to understand why he feels so protective of her and sparks fly between him and Jennifer.  Jacque has a chance to meet her father while in the hospital.  Of course you think they’re okay now right?  Wrong.  The doctor who is taking care of them is a werewolf as well.  Not to mention she is Lucas’ sister.  So she has revenge in mind and finds the perfect guy to use to get back at Fane.  She has nothing personal against Jacque but feels that Fane was in the wrong to kill her brother.  So while Decebel and Jennifer fight the attraction they feel for each other the doctor gets Jacque out of the hospital and into the hands of someone who wants her.  The werewolf taking her is an old werewolf who has fallen into the darkness that all werewolves fight to stay in control of.  He believes that he can make Jacque be his mate and that will return him to normal.  The crazy werewolf takes Jacque and Cynthia, the doctor, to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  Jacque’s father teams up with Fane and the other werewolves to get her back. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.  Of course just to read how Decebel and Jennifer treat each other is worth buying the book since it is down right hilarious.  Right now the book is available for $2.99 on Amazon for the Kindle. 


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