Putin Likely to Win Again in Russia

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Along with the USpresidentialelection this year, another equally important election is coming up in Russia. This is the Russianpresidential election. Like Obama, the main candidate in Russia is Vladimir Putin, who is the Russian prime minister. Earlier Putin has served as the Russian president for one term. He had to step down as the President as the new constitution promulgated in Russia debars a candidate for running for 2 consecutive terms. Putin thus stepped down as President and became Prime Minister. Now with the limitation having passed, Putin can again stand for election for President and he is doing precisely that.

Putin is an ex KGB officer from the erstwhile Soviet Union. He is also a black belt in Judo. These qualities however pale into insignificance against his leadership qualities. Putin has the pulse of people and is clearly a winner. He is also a magnetic leader who believes in the greatness of Russia. Maybe he is nostalgic about the erstwhile Soviet Union when it was a counterpoise to the United States of America.

The Americans will be most unhappy at Putin’s victory, for the simple reason that Putin is a strong nationalist. Americans do not want a nationalist like Putin to be President. They would like a a man who is compliant to American interests. Putin is opposing the US hegemonyall over the world. To add to the US woes, Russia is a nuclear power. Thus the Americans arefinancingthe opposition against Putin in the form of demonstrations and rallies against him. One of the issues is Syria, where Putin has used the Veto in the Security Council to bale out President Assad.

Putin has however his ear to the ground. In addition the Russians have not forgotten the prosperity under Putin. Russia sits on the largest gas and oil reserves in the world. Putin is the front runner and there is no reason that Putin like Obama will not be home and dry at the end of the Russian election. We have to waitand watch. The Russian election is part of a great change in the world and a Putin victory may see the reassertion of Russian power. 


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