Tips to Make Kids Smart

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Tips to Make Kids Smart. We try to help you to deal with your child. Cleverness of a practically a gift given to the child. But it turns out the factors that influence a child’s intelligence is also determined by the environment. such as family environment, society and himself. There are many things that can make children smarter, of course, in addition to studying at school. Some ways you can do to make children smarter, such as

1. Chess is thought to play games, crossword puzzles and sudoku but please also support children’s thinking strategies, how to solve problems and make complex decisions. 

2. Playing music Playing music is fun too but can stimulate the growth of the right brain. According to a study at the University of Toronto, holding music lessons can provide benefits in improving the child’s IQ and academic performance. The longer the time used to play music then the resulting effect is also greater. 

3. Breastfeeding Breast milk is the most basic brain food. Researchers consistently show a wide range of benefits that relate to the growth of breastfed babies. Exclusively breastfed children will have a higher level of intelligence than children who consumed milk only a few months. 

4.Familiarize exercise Researchers at the University of Illinois showed a strong relationship between fitness and academic achievement among elementary school children. The more fit the child’s body the ability to accept the lesson is also increasing. Should encourage children to engage in physical activity or sports organization in accordance with the interests of children. 

5. Get rid of fast food Reducing intake of sugar, trans fats from fast foods and replacing them with nutritious foods that are good for the development of early childhood mental and motor development of children functioning in the first 1-2 years of age. Examples of children require iron for the development of healthy brain tissue, iron-deficient children would be slow to accept the stimulus. 

6. Develop curiosity Experts say parents who showed his curiosity in children will encourage children to seek new ideas, thereby stimulating children to think. Teach new skills and education outside the home also can develop a child’s curiosity and intellectual. 

7.Budayakan read Reading is the easiest way to improve learning and cognitive development of children of all ages. This method can be started by children often read a bedtime story and it often gives the child a gift book that catches his attention. 

8. Parents teach self-confidence and optimism should raise the spirits of children. Participating in team sports or social activities will help increase the confidence of the child among his friends. 

9. Provide a healthy breakfast to convince researchers that eating a healthy breakfast will increase memory and concentration of children in the study. Children who are not habitual breakfast tend to be more irritable and less concentration on study time, while children who eat breakfast will remain focused and engaged during school hours.


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