Traditional Marriage

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In India Marriage ceremony is celebrated as a great function and all the friends, relatives, well wishers of the couples gathered in the marriage and give their blessings to the couples. The bride’s parents spend a huge money for this ceremony. This kind of marriage functions are traditional in India and yet this kind of celebrations are happening in various places for conducting marriages.

In the last decade marriages are happened once in a person life and they are conducting it as a great ceremony and inviting all the friends, relatives and known persons for this occasion and provide a great party to share their happiness. In fact marriages are the time to meet a lot of friends and relatives in one place and people will meet their distant relatives and get new friends with this kind of occasion. 

Marriage is a great bond between the couples and teach a lot of things like trust, understanding, loyalty to the couples. Both of them will share their things with the great bond and care about each other until end. But now a days divorce are quite common and most of the people think that this kind of celebrations and spending a lot of money for this kind of things is not necessary.

The person who is following the tradition and giving a lot of importance to the culture, tradition and marriage relationship will support this ceremony. Because this kind of events and incidents will happen only once in the person whoever have strong faith with marriage and s/he will be interested in keeping those moments lively as a sweet memory in future. So they are interested in celebrating it in a great manner and invite all the friends and important persons to this function and took photos and videos with them for future reference. 

Spending a lot of money unnecessarily for this event is not good. But celebrating our marriage and spending the required expenses is not a bad one. We must invite our friends and relatives to this celebration and share our happiness with them. We can celebrate this marriage ceremony in a short and simple manner without spending more money and make it as a great event throughout our life. It is the real concept of the traditional marriage celebrations.


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