Many Mother Drop Ingredients For Women's Baby

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Abortion after learning that her baby girl found in many Asian countries. But who would have thought it also occurs in developed countries like the UK, many women who are pregnant to choose an abortion for reasons of gender was not a man.

A former medical director of the largest abortion provider in the UK, said many women an abortion after discovering the unborn baby is a girl. In fact, his own mother was the one who asked for the abortion procedure.

Dr Vincent Argent, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist who has worked for British pregnancy advisory office confirms this. He revealed that many women who choose abortion because women know the sex of her baby, and this practice is pretty much in the community.

“There are so many abortions that occur because of sex selection, particularly after the expectant mother can find out the sex of the baby through a blood test. They asked for an abortion without telling your doctor the real reason,” said Dr Argent as reported by The Telegraph, Sunday (2/26/2012) .

However, Dr Agent said, there are also patients who openly said that the reason for wanting abortion to a baby boy. Dr Agent also confirmed he had been asked to perform an abortion on these grounds. But he told the patient that it is unethical and he could not help. He also reveals some of his colleagues had an abortion on the grounds of sex and they felt it was reasonable to do.

“I have a colleague in northern England who expressed his views. He did not think that it is wrong because the culture in some communities prefer to have four boys, as in Anglo-Saxon cultural view. They think ‘Well I was pregnant, but I do not want it ‘, “said Dr Agent.

Doctors who support abortion on the basis of sex selection is to equate abortion with the abortion-abortion on demand as found in many abortion clinics.

The issue of abortion because of sex selection is rampant due to the release of an amateur film about a woman requests an abortion on the grounds of sex is. A doctor named Dr. Raj Mohan of Calthorpe Clinic did not realize that the cameras when she was pregnant the request complied with.

In fact, Dr. Raj also agreed that he would write the reason for abortion in the medical records of patients. The film is then to be loaded by the media after the talks. Currently, the police were investigating the case. Not only Calthrope Clinic, there was also a similar film to expose a practice done Pall Mall Medical in Manchester, England.

In Britain, the laws on abortion on the grounds of sex selection is still unclear and seems to not assert that it violates the law. Nevertheless, this course is considered unethical by the British General Medical Council. Unfortunately, there is never a legal study that really confirms that it is illegal.


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