A Discussion on Ignorance

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Numerous criteria fuse into the overall descriptor that is stupidity. The most under-discussed, due largely to the fact that those that maintain this variety of “absurdity” do so through no fault of their own is called mental retardation. And even though the target of pranks and insults has included such types of men and women, in these modern times it has become highly politically improper to target such people. Conclusively, as well, the dialogue is slightly moot since it is not really a sociological or psychological resolution which directs to such “obtuseness”, but rather a physical limitation that is not their own fault.

No, the talk of stupidity invariably surrounds individuals that are able to pick and decide exactly how and what to think. It includes communities of people, religious groups, and individuals as well, from men to women, adults to children, along with a plethora of different individuals who are members of an equally uncommon group.

What exactly is the whole spectrum of stupidity, and why specifically is it such an popular topic to talk about? Well, the principal reason most people tend to focus on it is to vent some sort of dissatisfaction relating to another individuals observed ignorance affecting them in a negative way. This could be in the form of another person driving slowly in the left hand lane while being expected to know that the left lane is made for passing.

Remaining ignorant of how one affects the individuals around them may be one of the most formidable topics of conversation, as it drives people mad. Lack of consideration from individuals a movie theater, for instance, kicking the backseat of a person else’s chair – many people simply cannot surmise how it’s conceivable to do this without being fully conscious of one’s own actions. Nevertheless, if our history has shown us anything, it is that stupid men and women doing stupid activities never stops to bewilder people that are victimized by that stupidity.

How is it feasible that a multitude of people fully trust, donate and choose publicly dishonest politicians? Could it be selfishness or just being lazy? The scope of mankind’s stupidity being such a issue signifies that it could be an evolutionary mission to rid our race of such characteristics. That is to say that by having a worldwide conscience, whereby we try to the best of our ability to use our energies, brains and skills to gain awareness to appreciate both our own beings as well as the world surrounding us.

Once we do this, our understanding of individuals near us shall be less limited, more formidable, and our ability to share, help out, protect and be significantly less neutral for our minor desires towards everyone around us. This would not merely benefit humans, but virtually all life that we share our world with. Ignorance, at its base level, appears to take the form of being opportunistically ignorant of how our desires may detrimentally impact another person – at least that is the topic of discussion on stupidity which seems to be among the most applicable and pressing to most individuals.

It truly is as basic as stopping and questioning oneself ‘just how does this man or woman actually feel if I do this?’. In taking more time and seeking more consciousness, we can make our world a more pleasant place.



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