Breast Cancer Natural Therapy

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Is there a natural therapy for breast cancer that works? Yes there are several, and also the reason you’ll not realize them is that they’re suppressed by huge Pharma as a result of there’s no huge cash in natural therapy for breast cancer.

I recently interviewed a girl who had stage four breast cancer and created a full recovery using natural therapies. therefore even at these advanced stages a natural therapy for breast willcer will still work and a full recovery can still be created.

It is vital to grasp and as easy and obvious because it could sound, we have a tendency to should look to nature for a natural therapy for breast cancer. conjointly remembering that our bodies are self-healing.

For our body’s to heal, we have a tendency to should take away the strain, oxygenate the cells, promote blood flow, open the channels of elimination and flood the body with high-grade nutrition. this could appear advanced, however it’s truly terribly easy, therefore let’s check up on this natural therapy for breast cancer currently.

Step 1: check up on your life and see what’s stressing you. it should be a toxic relationship, your job, your living setting…. Stress creates acid within the body, that ends up in a weak immune system and causes the cells to become cancerous. What ever is inflicting your stress in life, get rid of it, as a result of this can be your life and zilch is a lot of vital.

Step 2: With the understanding that cancer cells are anaerobic (meaning while not oxygen), we have a tendency to should learn an accurate respiratory apply that may oxygenate all our cells keeping them healthy and vibrant. This step isn’t simply vital it’s vital!

Step 3 is all concerning blood flow, therefore {as we have a tendency toll|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} as oxygen we conjointly wish the blood to flow to all or any the cells, as circulation could be a key component to activate our self-healing mechanism. light-weight aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, cycling, or just bouncing on a rebounder / mini trampet could be a phenomenal low impact exercise.

Step 4 is open the five channels of elimination therefore toxins will exit your body.

  • pay a minimum of quarter-hour every day together with your feet within the sand or on the grass to permit electromagnetic chaos to depart and intake of the earths smart energy.

  • Stop using antiperspirants and deodorants and obtain an honest sweat on every day.

  • Keep hydrated therefore you’re urinating a minimum of ten times every day.

  • check that your bowels are functioning well and you’re going two to three times per day.

  • seventieth of the body’s toxins are expelled through the lungs, so is one more reason why correct respiratory is vitally vital.

Step five is to eat a raw vegan diet created from inexperienced juices, fruit smoothies, salads and a few nuts and seeds.


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