Happy Leap Day 2012!

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What do Valentine’s Day and Leap Day have in common?

They both occur in February.

Usually it is the man who woos the woman.  In a Leap Year,

custom has it that the woman can be the aggressor.

Usually this turn about is fair play date is Feb 29th

so as not to scare off all the bachelors every February.

Imagine all the unattached men who are phobic about commitment

ducking for cover or heading for the hills if the ladies

were going to be like some gal out of Lil Abner’s Sadie Hawkins day.

Running fast and hard until she catches a man and then hauling him to the Justice of the peace.

But in these more civilized times,

ladies don’t hit men over the head with a club and drag them away by their hair.

Too much male patterned baldness for that to work.

There are those who say that marriage is an archaic institution in any case.

Sometimes it seems that the entire industrialized world has conspired to reduce their population levels.

Every time a society reaches a truly high standard of living, the birthrate drops.

So without as many kids, maybe there isn’t as much need for marriage.

Still, for some ladies, hope springs eternal.

Certainly amongst the single older women of the Western world

there is still expressed a desire to find that one, last, great love.

Sounds suspiciously like monogamy to me!

It turns out that Leap Day and doomsday have something in common.

Not just for this year, but even if we are destroyed on 21 December 2012, any alien race foolish enough to try to use a calendar would still stumble across that deadly booby trap: Leap Day is Doomsday!!!

Have you ever wondered how someone can tell you what day Christmas fell on 1000 years ago? It turns out there is a consistent mathematical algorithm to calculate it. This formula has numbers like sevens and twelves in it as you would expect. But to use the formula you have to know when certain fixed anchor dates for the century are and you have to know when there is a special day for the month or week you are dealing with. That special day of the week is called a doomsday. Lord only knows why.

 So since every leap year day is that special day of the week, Feb 29th is always a doomsday.

Now as to our Doomsday. What does the formula tell us? Well, the doomsday that is closest to 21 December 2012 is 19 December 2012. And after you consult the charts or do the algorithm for yourself, you will see all the doomsdays in December fall on a Wednesday. Two days from Wednesday is Friday so the doomsday calculation tells us that our Doomsday falls on a Friday. Which it does.

Don’t bother to thank me–even though we both know you desperately want to–just hand me a jug of clean water, a loaded weapon in working order, and some extra ammo for that weapon when the Zombie Apocalypse, which presages the end of the world starts.


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