How do Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing Differ?

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SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes

site optimization in addition to social

marketing. The web site must be marketed in order to top the ranks.

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. That’s

pretty a mouthful, but it actually means your web site is “Optimized” for the search


The Dictionary defines Optimized as:


[op-tuh-mahyz] Show IPA verb, -mized,

verb (used with object)

1. to make as effective, perfect, or useful as


2. to make the best of.

3. Computers . to write or rewrite (the instructions in a

site) in order to maximize

effectiveness and speed in retrieval, storage, or execution.

4. Mathematics . to determine the optimum or

minimum values of (a particular function that’s

subject to specific


verb (used without object)

5. to be optimistic.


does this means?

If you have a site, you desire

people to find it right?

Sadly there are literally millions

of sites

within the search engines data files which never get referred to,

besides on the odd occasion where you may

give your customers your specific web

address for them to visit.

This idea is


for the consumers that you’ve already

established rapport to; however, what about those new

clients or people whom you desire to

introduce your products or services to?

Search engine

optimization needs to be implemented for this. You want the potential customers to reach your website so that you can increase website traffic and sales.

Search Engine Optimization is the specific

method used to optimize your website –

see meaning 3 given by the dictionary – which practically explains what it is.


initial step is On-page Optimization. Your site must be made easily

readable to search engines, which their data bases


The search engine

won’t be spending a lot of time looking

up the web site if the

information necessitated is

tough to find or not available.

Off-page Optimization

is the next step. This involves getting people, or

other websites to link to your site.

The web sites linked should have

outstanding quality

and also ranked highly. The greater their page

rank, the more the search engines will reward your web site (this is called good “juice”)

The web sites which are back

linked to your site should also have

relevant content or topic to yours.

Usually, when

there are more quality backlinks, the

search engines will reward your website with more


The most important part of Search

Engine Optimization is selecting the correct

keywords. These are the sets of words that

people generally use in the search engine bar to be able

to get the information they want to know.

Without the correct keywords, your website will not rank anywhere, also if the keyword is highly

competitive, you will have a tough job getting

the search engines to select your website over others for the coveted page 1 position.

Search Engine Marketing encompasses all the SEO

principles, but will generally


. Social Marketing – Facebook,

Google+ , Twitter, Linkedin etc.

. Entering your website in local business


. Incorporating like buttons which automatically

refers your content to your own social media


. Developing a “Blog” on your web site,

linking the comments to your social networking


Basically, there’s not lots of differences between the 2, but Search Engine

Marketing is all encompassing and is eventually simpler to remember and to say.

Several Search Engine Optimization

companies won’t

necessarily supply the social media aspect

within their services. But, the Search Engine Marketing companies

will surely provide them.

I hope this article has

provided you with a better idea of how these two

differ and it is completely up to you to make your choice about which you should choose, whether Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization;

but as for me, I’d choose SEM which helps me

boost traffic.


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