How to Write Articles? A Beginner's Guide

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An article is a piece of composition on a topic. The definition of it literally varies from person to person but the entire semanticity of different definitions, to some extent, seems to be similar. Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th edition) defines ‘article’ as a “piece of writing included with others in a newspaper or magazine”. Every article requires theme or a subject. There are two main purposes of writing articles:

  1. To provide pleasure to the readers

  2. To help readers get their something done or to push world in a certain direction

The beginning of an article usually introduces the subject in general forms. The middle portion develops the theme and presents writer’s thought on it. Then the process of writing articles comes to an end with a suitable concluding passage.

Steps of writing an article

The procedures of writing articles vary from article to article depending upon the types of writing but the common procedures or steps can be followed for our purpose. Writing articles is not an easy job. It basically requires the deep knowledge of the subject matter along with the sound knowledge and skills of writing. Mastery over the writing skills of medium language is equally important for writing articles. While writing articles, the following common procedures are to be followed:

Planning: This is the first step of writing articles. Here the writer has to specify the topic. So this can be called as the specification of the topics on which the article is going to be written. The writer has to make a precise statement of what he is going to write about.

Getting ideas: This is the second step of writing articles. It is the step of collection and formulation of the ideas. The writer has to jot down all the points he can think of point. Make a quick and short note including all the possible points. The points can occur in any order, i.e. the points can be disordered, too. Disconnected series of points may also be acceptable.   

Organizing the ideas: In this step of writing articles, the points or headings are arranged in order. The statement of the theme should be read carefully in order to find the pattern of theme. Sub-headings should support main headings. The main headings are ordered in this step. In fact this step includes drafting of headings and sub-headings.

Preparing the Outline: The sub-headings are now properly ordered under main headings.Everything is ordered to make the perfect outline of the essay. You may indicate headings and sub-headings by using letters or numbers for your convenience. This is one of the most crucial steps of writing articles and you must spend some time on it.

Writing the article: On the basis of outline, you’re ready to prepare your article. Read through the draft and revise it. Pay attention to clarity and grammatical accuracy. Try to make the final form of your article clear and complete.

These are some of the ideas for beginners to help writing articles. Use the above key ideas and use your best efforts to maintain balance, length, style, cohesion and clarity to make your article look great.

Thanks for reading. Have a great writing journey ahead 😉


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