10 Ways to Improve Your Work Productivity.

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I am new to this afternoon a new lesson about the productivity of a job we are. if we do not want scolded that productivty bad manager because we need to know how tha’s good for our productivity. of the articles I read there are some things that will increase the productivity of our work:

Write down your plan. Should be written on paper or board that is easily visible.Not in electronic devices such as mobile phones. And in any list of your work plan, determine your priorities. Make a priority of the most important to you according to the less important.
Write down the activities you should avoid. In addition to having a list of work to do, write down non-productive activities as well you should avoid. Suppose that without knowing the time watching television. And you promise me not to do these activities before you finish work.
Warm up. Some people sometimes need a warm up before work. For example, by drinking coffee or tea first. If you include people who need a warm up before the move, do it. Importantly, it can make you enjoy the work.
Focus on what you’re doing. One job, one time! It’s hard when you do a lot of things at once. Focus because you will fall. Starting from your priority tasks. Focus your attention and concentration to do the job well. Do not move to another job before it is completed. Remember, the focus!
Set time limits. This will encourage you to do every job quickly.
Mark the job done. Any list of the work already completed, mark. Perhaps by making a check or crossed. It will spur you to quickly complete the following tasks.
Take a break. Specify the time to rest. Suppose that every two hours you are taking a break of 15 minutes. These allow you to stretch or warm tea.
Learn to read faster. Increase your reading speed continues. Tips on speed reading as presented in the blog Fikrul Mustanir.
Type faster. Maximize your fingers and ten specific memorized shortcuts that will help you type faster.
Remember to follow your rules. Work plans that you created above is not just for display only. Obey and do it well.


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