Property Investment in More Profitable

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Financial markets are still shrouded in uncertainty. Despite the commitment IMF, ECB and the European Union to rescue conditional on Greece, the action taken by investors is to wait and see.

During that time, investors tend to run their funds into instruments that are considered safe (safe haven) as U.S. dollars, or gold. The second instrument was not too say aman.Gold despite increased investment, but the volatility is very high. The U.S. dollar is also shrouded in fear, when the U.S. central bank (the Fed) continued to print money to mennstimulus their domestic economy.

Then it is best to land, especially with credit backed by the Home Ownership, people also tend to bring home earlier than investments in financial pasa. Moreover, the trend of lower deposit rates, approximately 6% -7%, so the investment by the lack of demand deposits.

However, the potential for investment in shares of the instrument is still wide open. In the long run, the world economy will grow and the impact on capital flows are increasingly swift. The best business prospects exist in the consumer retail sector such as automotive, tobacco, cement, and others. This sector is considered the most immune to the crisis that still envelop the world. Consumers were also buoyed by the growth of global GDP and interest rates are relatively low.

Investors have started to lose confidence in the currency. So from now people will tend to pick stocks or commodities and property as a form of investment for their survival in the future. The tendency to choose an investment than money in the underlying soil with increasingly advanced apartment building or buildings as a center of high-level offices. As a chain that never end, if there is a single high-rise buildings built in the not so long will be built an apartment not far from the office building.

Phenomenon there is no apartment buildings always occur because of basic human needs sifta or who want to have a place to live and they tend to choose their residence not far from where they work. Other side adds to advance the construction of an apartment is a lifestyle that is always attached to a successful career man.

Then can take the conclusion of the above phenomena, that investment in the property sector is tanaha or more profitable than investing the money and gold bars.


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