Fitness is Very Important

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Maybe it’s nearly a month with my friends attended one of sports fitness. Fitness gym .. yes this might be the first one I follow and it turned out after the workout routine and addiction. love. thanks anyway because initially invited friends but finally I decided to make this sport as I life style every day.

Aside from being a lifestyle, fitness is required in your daily routine for balance between work activities which tend to be monotonous and to sport your body to stay healthy by exercising the muscles while you relax for a while out of work activities so that you are ready to face the stress and routine of work that has been waiting in front of you.

Various advantages can be achieved with such fitness: lose weight, reduce the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, making your body resistance from various diseases (antibody), and so on. Hence the need for completely your healthy living , now people are willing to follow a fitness program or fitness classes (eg aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc.).

Fitness can be done on the sidelines of your busy time. Timing can also be customized with your activities. Some things to consider when fitness is:
How to practice safe and appropriate use of dumbbell and barbell weight training can be optimized so that
The best way to lower levels of body fat is to combine weight training and cardio.
Adequate rest is needed to maintain body condition, especially after weight lifting. Get used to regular sleep for 6-8 hours each day. If you require work hours to activities in the evening, you should replace the lack of sleep with the rest of your body during the day for 1-2 hours.
It is no less important is maintaining a complete nutrition and healthy. Supplements such as Acids, Creatine, Whey, as well as vitamins and minerals you can eat to kick in the body’s nutritional needs.
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Take a healthy lifestyle that real results are more pronounced. Body healthy, fit, and the ideal is not a dream.
Happy to make your body healthy forever
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