Symptoms of Cancer in Women

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Woman, you should be aware of various types of cancers associated with the reproductive system. Many things can cause your reproductive disease of cancer, such as: multiple partners, washing the genitals with dirty water, and the use of low quality pads containing bleach. Especially in the early stages of cancer symptoms are few or even none. Some types of cancer that can invade your reproductive organs are:

  • Cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is cancer that attacks your uterus, usually caused by the HPV virus that has evolved into malignant cancer cells.

  • Vulva cancer. The vulva is the outer portion of the female reproductive system that covers the vaginal orifice, clitoris, and opening of the urethra. Facts show that 3% to 4% in women of reproductive system cancers are cancers of the vulva and this type of cancer usually affects women who have manepouse.

  • Ovarian Cancer. Cancer cells was also able to infect the ovary or ovaries. In addition to cervical cancer, ovarian cancer killer of women claimed to be the highest of which there are various kinds of cancer that attacks the organs of the reproductive system. Just as the symptoms of cervical cancer at an early stage is not detected, the symptoms of ovarian cancer will not easily detected until the cancer has spread to the upper abdomen or beyond.

All gynecological cancers or the female reproductive system have in common that is, difficult to detect as the symptoms of early-stage cancer. However, the 10 symptoms of cancer of the reproductive system should not ignore.

  • Pelvic Pain In. You feel the pain, cramping and other discomfort around the navel and this does not only happen when you are menstruating? Continuous pain in the pelvis could be the symptoms of ovarian cancer and cervical cancer.

  • Abdominal swelling and bloating. Women may feel bloated stomach after eating and drinking too much, especially when before menstruation. However, in patients with cancer, stomach bloating lasted more than two weeks or still in progress after the menstrual period ends in a month.

  • Pain in lower back Continuously. If you feel pain in your lower back so you can sustainably develop ovarian cancer. Female cancer patients often describe the pain like lower back pain in childbirth.

  • Continuous Into Bathroom. The desire to urinate that often occur and feel the pressure on the bladder is likely a sign of cancer. Especially if these symptoms are followed by a feeling of fullness, pain around the abdomen, and flatulence.

  • Feeling fixed Satiety. Loss of appetite or feeling full already prolonged the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

  • The weight reduction is not Normal. For those of you whose weight has dropped about 5kg when you’re not dieting or exercising regularly then contact your doctor immediately.

  • Abnormalities of the Vagina and Vulva. To find out abnormalities of the vagina and vulva you, then do check frequently to injury, odor, color and other abnormalities in the vagina. These abnormalities could be an infection in your reproductive system.

  • Swelling in the legs. Did you ever get your feet swell for no reason? And swelling in the legs is also followed by pain and other symptoms of cancer? Cervical cancer may have plagued you.

  • Continuous Vaginal Bleeding In. 90% of women with cancer of the reproductive system of states have experienced abnormal bleeding. Abnormal bleeding can be manepouse women experienced bleeding. In women who have abnormal bleeding manepouse is a severe bleeding during intercourse.

  • Fatigue. Fatigue seems a trivial thing. However, if fatigue had disrupted work and leisure time should you alert.

Above symptoms look like a normal interference. This fact makes women often ignore the signs of cancer in its early stages. From now on, if the above symptoms of cancer appear, immediately consult a doctor. Invest your time to get a better life!


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