Backwaters And Houseboats in Kerala Are The Most Wonderful Attractions to Explore

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Kerala is the most sought after tourist destination in the entire country of India, this beautiful destination is located on the southern tip of India. This amazing destination is truly very worth to visit and explore throughout the year and thus is visited and explored by all the sorts of vacationers. Honeymooners, leisure vacationers, family vacationers and others from every nook and corner of the entire world visit and explore this beautiful state for their amazing vacation.

Lovingly Kerala is known as God’s Own Country and this state is truly dotted with varieties of tourist attractions and destinations. This wonderful destination is speckled with myriad of tourist attractions and destinations which allure the vacationers from all over the globe for their fascinating and delightful vacation. The colorful culture, unique traditions, rich heritage, fascinating forms of art and architecture easily elate the tourist and specially the foreign vacationers. This scenic state is home to numerous stunning beaches which truly are breathtaking and which are the major stopover for the vacationers. These sandy pristine beaches which are beautifully endowed by the swaying palm trees truly are wonderfully ornamented by the beach resorts which provide easy and luxurious stay to the tourist as they visit and explore the astounding beaches.

Houseboats in Kerala and the serene backwaters are the crowning glory of the Kerala tourism which easily boost the beauty and tourism in the state. Thousands, hundred and several tourists from all over the globe visit this wonderful state to enjoy the cruise in the houseboat and thus exploring the charming and ever ending beauty of rustic Kerala. The houseboats and backwaters are the unique attractions in this state which truly has no substitute in the entire world. Honeymooners along with the other vacationers truly go crazy as the reveal and take pleasure ride on the well organized Kerala houseboats which swiftly moves over the Kerala backwaters.

Tourists from every nook and corner of the world refer the houseboat as the ‘moving home’ or ‘mobile home’ which provides all the comforts and luxuries like that off a home, far away from home. Kerala home to numerous backwaters and houseboats is also blessed by the divine of nature and truly can be explored as you enjoy the celestial cruise in the houseboats which earlier was called as ‘Kettuvallams’.

Kerala houseboat earlier was the only means of transportation of rice, grain and other products from one centre to another important centre. As the roads where invented and the existing of vehicles had the Kettuvallams out of the picture in Kerala. But, now the houseboats are back and with a bang as truly no visitor to Kerala ever miss the opportunity to enjoy the houseboat ride and exploring the wonderful nature, which never fail to impress the heart of the vacationers.

Thus contact a leading houseboat tour operator and customize a Kumarakom tour packages as this picturesque village in Kerala will offer you the best backwater and the houseboats and abundant nature which truly make this place like a heaven and is lovingly called as Scenic Wonderland of Kerala.   


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