How To Maintain A Good Garden

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Strategies On How To Maintain A Good Garden

Is the grass always greener over there? It’s possible in your mind’s eye that the neighbor is doing something unique. To be honest, it’s not that hard to get a lovely looking garden. All you need is the proper information on how to correctly care for your plants. Get started on your path to gardening glory with this article full of helpful advice.

Do not plant your seeds in a rush. Water the soil first. Take the seeds and place them evenly across the gardening area, giving them plenty of space to grow. You should bury your seeds deep enough, usually three times their size. It isn`t necessary to bury all seeds; some of them need light for growth to occur.

A gardening tip you can use is; take rubbing alcohol and vinegar and use it to remove any salt deposits that have formed in clay pots. When you have a plant in a clay pot, unsightly salt deposits can build up on the outside over time. Mix up equal amounts of rubbing alcohol, water and white vinegar, then spray onto the pot. Once you do this, use a cleaning brush made of plastic to scrub this combination, and you’ll discover the salt melting away. Make sure you properly rinse your pot, and dry it before you plant anything in it.

Protecting your knees while you are gardening is very important. Most people can’t bend over while standing up for a long period of time. You should kneel while tending to your plants for the sake of reducing stress to your spine. You can buy a knee pad, put it on the ground and kneel on it so that you wont have to deal with knee pain.

Enhance your property value and beauty with gardening and landscaping. Landscaping is a cheap way to really increase the value of your property. Some great plants can increase your home value tremendously. Plants that are low in moisture and suit your environment are a good investment.

You can get new plants from root cuttings. Cut the roots during the winter because they are dormant at this time. Take off the biggest roots with a sharp blade. Separate the roots by cutting them into sections of about two inches each. Place the cuttings on top of a tray that has been covered with peat and some type of grit. Then add a coating of grit and peat on top. Store the seed tray in a cool area, and in approximately one month, your new seedlings will have started to sprout. Plant them separately inside of small pots until it is time to plant them outdoors.

The techniques discussed here have been pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. Now that you have learned what to do, it is time to apply it. Watch your garden to see how different plants respond to these new techniques. If you find a method is not working for you, discontinue it and try another way. Be patient and your garden will eventually be envied by your neighbors.


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