Importance Of Time Mangement

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 If you wasted your time, your age would be wasted with no return. Who waste the age as same as the person who killed himself. Most of us may suffer from the loss of the time without the completion of the duties, and some may be programmed to be on state of emergency and postpone the work till the grace period and postpone some projects and ideas because you do not have sufficient time.

On one day there was a woodcutter who was working hard to cut a tree in the forest but the ax was not sharp then one passer saw the poor man, he asked woodcutter “Why do not you  take some time to make your ax sharp?” The woodcutter replied “do you not see that I am busy in my work?!”  Who says that he is busy and has no time to organize his time is as same as woodcutter in the story! because sharpening the ax will help him to cut the tree quickly and will help him also to make less effort to cut the tree, and also will allow him to move to another tree, as well as time management, help you to complete your work faster and with less effort and will let you seize all opportunities.

It is simple equation, we have to prepare the ground before planting, and equip our tools before proceeding with the work, as well as time, and we must plan for how to spend our time. Also you have to know the nature of time and its characteristics, and the concept of time management, and what are the benefits for us from time management and how to deal seriously with our time and firmly and strongly through time management.

(1) The nature of time:

 the problem lies in the lack of our organization for a time, not lack of time available to us; We all share in the amount of our time, but we are disagree and strongly in how we spend it this time, and time has many characteristics such as that it is the most precious possessions rights, limited resource, and can not be compensated, as well as Its value which increase if you invest it.

(2) The concept of time management:

If you complain about the large number of business and lack of time available, and feel like you’re busy and have no time for culture and public or entertainment, as well as you do not find the time to accomplish all your business and feel the stress and frustration, the solution is proper management of time, and mean time management: self-management, or managing the work you do within the time and use the time well.

(3) Wasting time:

 Why we waste our time? And the answer to this question that, given the reality of human beings, we find that two factors have impact heavily on people these factors are the values ​​and habits. family has a big role; where they may establish with the children a sense of the importance of time and learn children how to  organize priorities and make optimization with time , on the other hand they may learn children disregard for the clock and kill the value of time for them, and also the community has a great role if community do not have a conviction of the importance of time, it will create individuals have no disciplined in dealing with time,  another important factor  also has heavily impact on people is  the negative perception of the self and the belief of non-ability to adjust the time. These beliefs are daunting. We must face all this with serious commitment to the learning and the application.


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