Web Services Consumption in .net

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Web services have given the way for developers to make two or more different application running on different platform to talk. Web services are not bound to any particular language. Whereas they allow applications to interact and share using communication protocols. Web services provide tight security related to message communication, message communication consistency and secure transactions between applications. XML, a protocol for web services allows one to create their own structure tags and are light in weight. XML in web services are used for data transmission. The transmission of data in XML format can be understood by application running on different platforms. SOAP which stands for “Simple Object Access Protocol” is a protocol for messaging. The data being transferred using SOAP protocol is encoded thus the data being transferred over a network is tightly secured. WSDL which stands for “Web Service Description language” are used for describing how the services can be called and thus stating the clear picture of parameters and their types being used.  UDDI which stands for “Universal Description, Discovery and Integration” is used of listing of web services over the web. Web services implementation will give a crystal clear idea about how web services are consumed. The best example to demonstrate web services consumption would be to consume AMAZON web services using .Net and thus show the listings. Web services from other resources can also be consumed. For consuming AMAZON web services one need to get the Software Development Toolkit for Amazon. The SDK describes in brief about usage of web services from Amazon.  For an application to use Amazon web services in .Net the Amazon web service wsdl file needs to be added as a Web reference. Adding of web reference can be achieved by right clicking on solution and clicking “Add Web Reference”. Once the Amazon web service is added as web reference it shows all the methods present in that added web service. Clicking on “Add Reference” will result in adding an “App_Webreferences” folder to solution which comprises of a WSDL file from Amazon. The WSDL file in web references folder clearly shows the contents like product details, product information, product type etc. Here the call to Amazon Web service is Asynchronous as it allows user to access the application. Whereas when a user access an application with synchronous calls to web service then with time if the web service is unresponsive the application stops. Users in .Net need to add the namespace for library access from Amazon and thus can access the data from AMAZON via their web services.


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