Harder Side of Mass Media

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Media is the mirror image of society,,By the time mass media is contibuting to great extent all over the world
but on the other hand news media spreading panic accross the states ,,On every end ,there is a news channel
with traumatic bulletens exposing aggression of common man as well as terrorists acts causing great damage.
the result is more shocking than the actual act,,it is causing depression not only on adult scale but for children.
So far as psychologists researches that media violence enhances violent behaviours in society.Relating that news violence
creating depressive attitudes towards the society on larger scale.

In our childhood,it can be hard to remember all those of times when we faced that mental torture, A single news
related to flood affecties and road accident could be enough to make us threatend.Children of 21 century facing that
trouble every hour.Tv screens are bursting with violent acts of terrorists and frustrated behaviours of masses against state policies,,it
resulted to influence little minds, and producing aggressive adult behaviours against society.

Internet is a much larger source to add that dillemma,,,there are hundreds of computer games and texual contents are there to widen
the trouble,,,our coming genereation is under that burden and seeking ways to handle that.

Many threats we are facing on several ends,one of them is to restore our coming generations to be lost.Are we doing enough to
expose innocent minds against violence or aggression????

We are what we watch.We are going through the era we can’t escape from groung realities but living in global village implies some
restrictions on many scales.Responsibility of Mass media is to transfer information not anxiety against society.News media should also
imply some restrictions over their policies according to humanitarian laws and trivial matters are not to be discussed in breaking news.

 Adding to it, there must be some individual steps in this regard,it needs that parents should minimize or add filters to children,s exposure for television or other technologies to make sure that mental and physical health of their children is secure or not?Children should also be given the appropriate guidance and tips for the better usage of technology.Children are normally having more interest in media but parents have the responsibility is to making sure what they are exposed to?

We can call mass media the thinking mode of society but with essentials it must be directed towards the right direction and its aim is
not to demoralize the coming generations and to through them to dark.


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