The Smart Guide to a New Kitchen at an Affordable Price

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Generally the most popular way to buy a high end kitchen is the same tiring practice of visiting a showroom, meeting your excited, annoying kitchen salesman whilst making chit chat over your complimentary tasteless coffee. Once that’s out of the way its time to decide the kitchen you essentially want. From the long-established Shaker style kitchen to a contemporary lavishness gloss black kitchen, hundreds of designs and colours to choose from! A stressful and worrying set-up resulting in you handing over a big cheque of £25,000 and walking away on tenterhooks hoping everything goes accordingly.

Step 1: £1550 – £4500 on cabinets

First of all I would recommend in finding a local customized furniture company. Initially they might appear a little less professional but they without doubt will be more accomplished and clued-up than an independent kitchen showroom salesperson. Always request to see there work, an advantage would be homemade, made to measure goods. Inform them what you wish for, obtain a price and arrange a time scale.

Step 2: £799 – £1500 on Doors and Drawers

Surf on the internet for replacement kitchen doors you will find loads of results. Don’t be put off by buying online, give the company you discover a call and talk to them directly also see reviews of the company on review websites. The doors you buy are just the same quality of the ones you pay money for in the showroom. You will also have more variety and you will find the perfect design you crave for.

Step 3: £70 – £1800 on Appliance

Fit your kitchen out with the best appliances. Every kitchen has appliances, from the fridge freezer to the microwave. I would recommend buying your appliance on the internet as you will get a very good deal. Search for kitchen appliances in the search engine or even search Ebay for any bargains. Supermarkets now sell appliances, Asda is worth a look.

Step 4: £1000 -£2000 on Work Surfaces

The most popular work surface at the moment is granite. Granite is hard wearing and look the part. Be willing to spend a lot on your worktops, they certainly set the tone in the kitchen. Contrasting the tops with the kitchen doors will create a stylish and creative theme. I suggest purchasing directly from the supplier.

Step 5: £30 – £100 on handles and knobs

Surprisingly most likely the most significant purchase you will make in the guide to the achieving your luxury kitchen. Handles can complete the design and make your kitchen flourish. Try searching online for handle suppliers, and don’t be scared buy from overseas.

Step 6: £600- £1500 on installation

Search around for local, well established carpenters. They should be fully trained and fully booked. Firstly they will come and look at your kitchen, measure up your kitchen doors and listen to your ideas. Arrange a date and agree the price. 


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