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Kindle, one of the most awaited products from Amazon has been launched in mid of November’11. It would not be an exaggeration, if it is said that it has made a different niche for itself in such a short interval of time. In spite of that, this is also a fact that most of the users are not able to make full use of their kindle. One of the many reasons for that is they are not well aware of the functions and applications that make their kindle to experience the best.

So let’s see how you can make your experience with your kindle exciting. First of all after purchasing your kindle you have to make sure to set up and sync your account to take the advantage of the Amazon’s cloud drive. This is a 5 GB of free space offered by Amazon to store your data such as mp3, images and any document on the cloud, which can be accessed from any android device.

Kindle is a cool device which makes your experience more joyful with its vast range of apps and the convenience it offers while reading a book, moreover you can own a vast collection of e-books from the store. And it has got very interesting and entertaining application and games that helps you to be organized. Some of them are:

Wi-Fi Analyzer: It is a must having app for any kindle that comes with Wi-Fi. It finds all the available Wi-Fi spots in range and also shows their signal strength, traffic and reception.

ES File Manager: This application helps you to manage your files and directories in a very easy way.

ES Task Manager: There is always application running in the background that uses the memory and battery, this application gives you the control to exit such apps.

Dolphin Browser: It is a very fast browser as compared to the silk that is present as a default browser in kindle.

Facebook: The list would be incomplete without the Facebook app that itself has created a buzz on the internet.

Apart from the above mentioned app, new applications are being developed and introduce din the store regularly. The kindle not only entertains you but also helps you to be organized, with the help of organizer. You can create your to do list with the help of calendar and its ability to sync all notes (evernote).

Talking about the use of kindle, users face problem with not having the right accessories and most of the users don’t realize it until they are not caught in the situation. Well here is a kindle store that gives a perfect solution to the entire accessories related problem.

READERSHOP not only provides kindle of all models but also at the best price which also comes with the original Australian accessories, with a DVD consisting of more than 29,000 e books. It also offers original kindle accessories at the best prices.

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Daniel brooks is not a gadget reviewer or paid journalist, he is just a gizmo freak who likes to rate various gadgets based on his personal experiences. He also likes to suggest for any requirement for app while using a gadget. In this article he has given some suggestions for any new user of kindle, and how to make the experience better with the help of kindle store.


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