Access Your Windows Media Center From Any Other Browser

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Computers are the great source of entertainment that keeps you engaged irrespective of the fact of whether you are working on it or not. Apart from performing the core computing tasks it also plays movies, songs, videos etc that feed your entertainment appetite. To manage this feature your PC is equipped with the Windows Media Center that organizes and helps you enjoy such things.

Imagine a situation when you are away from your computer and want to enjoy a movie stored on your PC. Ideally this cannot be a probability unless you are on your system physically. By installing the Remote Potato Server on your PC you can access the Windows Media Center from any browser and enjoy movies of your choice.

Below mentioned are the steps that need to be performed to access your Windows Media Center from any browser:

• You need to begin the process by downloading and installing the Remote Potato Server on your Windows PC

• During the installation you need to setup a discrete username and password so that you can remotely access your media

• Once you finish the installation, launch the Remote Potato server

• Now you will be guided through a wizard to set up the server.

At this point you are advised to setup security so that your media remains password protected. Now the second line of action will begin when you will be choosing the way in which Remote Potato will direct the chosen web browser to your Windows Media center. You can choose from the two ways of doing this:

Firstly, you can use the static IP assigned to you by the ISP Secondly, you will be setting up the free DynDNS service that will keep a track of your Media Center.

• So either select the IP or the Dynamic DNS

• You need to choose the media through which the Remote Potato will be streamed.

Some of the media include music library, pictures, videos, recorded TV, Windows Media Center.

• To start the server you need to click on the ‘Play’ icon appearing at the top left of box. The same icon will be used even if you want to stop the server

• Now you need to enter the URL that you had received at the end of the wizard to connect to the Remote Potato remotely

• Now enter your username and password to get connected to your Windows Media Center.

So now you can enjoy your favorite movie or song even when you are not near to your PC. By simply following the above-mentioned steps for using Remote Potato server you can get connected to your Windows Media Center from any browser.

The above mentioned steps would be of great help if you are able to do it correctly. But if you are not able to perform these steps or you are not able to access your Windows Media Center then consider calling an experienced online tech support service provider. Their expert tech solution engineers will guide you through the entire process and make sure that you are able to access your Windows Media Center.


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