Cheap Blackberry Phones-Future Seems Uncertain For Rim

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BlackBerry – this name itself is the cause of many troubles for technology bloggers like us.  We are still confused whether to praise this firm for bringing many revolutionary features in the past or blame them for failing the expectations of consumers. However, are these smart phone producers seriously so crucial? See, if we analyze the mobile phone industry all over the world the results are shocking, as 25 per cent of the total sales are coming from the smart phone category, and RIM only deals in this category.

Many of you by now have been criticizing the smart phone category for being a minority-holder in the technology souk, and we would like you to know that the 25% smart phone section holds a huge value in terms of revenue generated. See, if you compare the price of one feature phone to a price of one smart phone, the picture will get clearer for you. The price of three or four handsets in the feature-phones category equals the value of one smart phone.

There hasn’t been much development in the feature phones segment, even the designing hasn’t seen a major alteration while the pace of development in the smart phone market has made PC or laptop producers scared. These amazing devices are what we call the extreme level of personalization, as the power of desktop computers is now enclosed in our mobile phone. However, such great tasks ask for mammoth-sized screens and companies did provide some really huge screens, and adopted an ignorant approach to the implications of such huge devices on the battery-life.  The battery-life remains the same while the other aspects continue to grow, and the result is that we have to plug our phone many times in a single day, if you are a heavy user like us.

BlackBerry phones, on the other hand, have struggled to even do the basic development tasks like including a decent camera, so users never saw mobile bloggers advocating the use of these devices. While they try to popularize the concept of BlackBerry for everyone, we find no reason to trust these devices again.  There can be lots of endeavors but the technology blogger community isn’t too easy to impress, and we continue to despise the number of phones produced by Canadian mobile phone manufacturer.  However, some great handsets, from time to time, receive some appreciation from us, however that’s a rare case.

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