Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 7

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Three sections of the fractional Lightning Sword through her veins from front to back. Then, the sword again gathered together and shot into the hands of Suro Bodong, people marveled at the miracle of the sword mumble Suro Bodong. While his opponent did not move down anymore. Sword Kick-Ass Strategies, has put an end to history. And the body of the cracks that resemble Suro Bodong blue smoke that was vague.

Gradually, the body was transformed into the actual body Pragulo. Murmured the people amazed and astonished at the change. Suro Bodong put his sword back into his left arm. Infiltrated the sword away, as if stored under the skin and flesh of his left hand. The entry of the sword and the former did not exist, even for needle marks. The people shouted, cheered with joy to see the death of people who have been hated and feared them. They show a bright face full of excitement, especially the Duke and his family.

Puji Wardani ran over and immediately hugged Suro Bodong with joy and laughter happiness hearts. Duke came with his wife, and they shook hands tightly.
“Thank you, Suro …! Thanks, you saved this Duchy of threat destruction …! “
“Thank you it was easy. The difficult part is to accept love someone…! “Said Suro Bodong to Duke, but his eyes glanced Puji Wardani. A glance just smile through while clinging to the shoulders of Suro Bodong.
“Does anyone want to give her love to you, Suro?” Said Duke’s wife.
“I do not know.” Suro said with a smile. But Puji Wardani said firmly and pitched spoiled.
“There is …! Who says no? “
“Who?” Insisted Bodong Suro.
“I do not know …” Puji Wardani said, as they walked.
“Hey, I saw you using the Tactics Morning Angels. Where’d you get that moment, huh? “
“From the moment you steal a train in the room,” Puji smiling mischievously.
“In the room? Do you see me? Looking at that moment I train? “
Puji Wardani nodded, laughing softly. He said, “Air conditioning in the room was from my invisibility. So I know what you’re doing in that room. “
“Shit…” Suro grouchy. “I know I’ll take off my clothes every day if the room!”
“There have been…??” Then Puji Wardani laughed and giggled as she amused still hanging on the shoulders of Suro Bodong, Senopati Praja (Kingdom)!

The End

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