Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 6

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Seeing his opponent pull out the sword, Suro Bodong began to think that the opponent will play a deadly sword that can destroy a tree. Suro can be avoided if at all, then the flash of light that resembles the shape of a sword that will continue and the inhabitants shot or whoever is behind Suro Bodong because they do not want to place another victim, the Suro Bodong was soon fel this left hand. Up on the left wrist, he stamped his right hand, like pulling something, and before I knew her right hand holding a sword.
People, even the Duke himself and Puji Wardani to stare in amazement. The sword is as removed from the wrist, but since they had seen Suro Bodong not carry weapons. Now, the next thing I knew, Suro Bodong original already holding a sword that emits a glowing purple light-bulbs.
Very beautiful and fascinating to anyone. They do not know, that’s heirloom named Suro Bodong Sword Vein of Thunder.

“Hiaaaat …!” Suro opponent Bodong cut with his sword to the stomach Suro. But with the light deflected Sword Vein Lightning. Then, in time, Suro Bodong kicking leg straight forward, and on the chin of his opponent. Last leg up to
kick it tread, now instead of kicking the other leg with a kick behind play. Exactly the opposite to the person’s chest to bounce a few steps backwards.
Opponents immediately rushed, he began using the motions of the sword that was in the left hand, now thrown into the right hands. Then, both hands are holding the handle of a sword. This sword signs of death will be used by Suro Bodong false.

At that time, Puji Wardani desperate again. He was followed from behind a false Suro Bodong. He played tricks Morning Angels, twisting like a person dancing, and hands like making something soft. At that time, the opponent is stomping feet for the second time. Puji Wardani feel there is a vibration that splashed through her ​​fingers as she moved her hand, and suddenly the body….. as opposed to bouncing like a vicious hit. He rolled over, and people were cheering loudly, “Raden Ayu Life….! Raden Ayu life….! “
Of course the movement of the moment was very surprising Morning Angels Suro Bodong. He had exclaimed, “Puji…!
Stay out….!” Opponents groaned, going up hard, his flesh began to blister and become like ulcers rattle.

His whole body was cracked like a dry land water shortages. However, it seems he still survived to stand up and attack. He raised his sword with a limp. He managed to put his sword with both hands beside the right ear. Then his feet hit the ground three times with a hoarse voice shouted. Then, dash glowing red light shaped like a sword, out of the tip of the sword and target towards the middle Puji Wardani dance moves brought the Movement Angels in the Morning. Suro Bodong forced to jump into the glowing red light upswing, then he stretched out his sword to the front, and ….”Duaar …!” There was a tremendous explosion from the impact of red light glowing like a sword with a light The Sword vein Lightning is glowing purple light since that was.

Suro Bodong bouncing, bouncing his opponent as well. Puji Wardani but survived. Suro Bodong stance immediately use The Sword Strategies. He threw his sword into the top to spin seven times, then kicked it toward the opponent’s sword. So, Lightning Sword vein split into seven sections that all the parts bolted to the opponent’s body. Supple body covered in blood because of the cracks by The Morning Angel stance is now squealing stuck, “Aaakhh …!”


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