Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 5

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With the arrogance that has seen the way he looked, Pragulo replied, “That’s an easy job for me, Kanjeng. I was able to command here I get a guarantee of origin of life and high salaries. “
“Salaries will give according to your request.
But I have a requirement …. You do not need to capture or kill Suro Bodong. but make Suro Bodong came and apologized, then he should go as soon as we obey his request. Do not kill him, because if we kill him, then we will be overwhelmed by the spirit. So, he just came, expressing his wish, and then apologize, if you want. If you do not want to quickly go after we grant his request. What about … it’s heavy duty, Pragulo? “
“I think not, Kanjeng Duke. For me, there is no job that I can not do. I was able to qualify it. “
Wijaya said excitedly, “Well, then …. it is suitable for the post commander Kakang Pragulo, huh?”
Rahuto replied, “Yes! And if Kakang Pragulo has become our commander, well …. just wrong! Nobody wants to bedevil us again.Is not that Kakang Pragulo …? “
Pragulo laughed excitedly, feeling proud. “Anyway, if I managed to subdue Suro Bodong and became the second person here ….” He whispered to Rahuto, “I suggested that salaries be raised all the soldiers ….”
“It fits …! It fits perfectly that, ha, ha …! “Rahuto deliberately provoke ordered in such a way so as not to arise suspicion. Pragulo still smell kencur (ginger), according to Suro Bodong. He has the brain of pepper. He did not feel that he fit in a dangerous trap.

If according to Puji Wardani, Pragulo it be smart to dumb. He is smart, because it can have a plan so complicated, difficult to solvewith his disguise as Suro Bodong. But the arrogance and greed made ​​him so stupid, lost due to flattery and the promise of a position as commander of the war, the second after the Duke of Lohgawe. Maybe he thought, that way it will be easier to control Kidang Kencana Duchy.
It’s really stupid. The next day, a soldier facing the Duke and said that someone who called Suro Bodong about to face. Cash only Duke gave permission, because that’s when the eagerly awaited. The man who called Suro Bodong. Only, he still wore a red cloth which had been stitched up the back because of a torn former Puji Wardani exposed blade of the sword. People came by to show remorse and grief. 

But before he talked to the Duke, original Suro Bodong came from the side and immediately attacked him with a crushing kick in his temple.
“Hiaaat …!” Suro Bodong no longer allowed to copy. When his opponent was about to get up, kick straight on his back, so people had a chance to bounce off of the pole crashed. Suro Bodong play moves mainstay. Married Chicken kick launched, the movement of the foot that kicked seven in a row without a chance to be deflected, and turns from right foot to left foot.

When the enemy fell, Suro Bodong opponent immediately grabbed clothes and threw it out. He urged that deliberately false Suro Bodong out of the Duchy Dalem and running around the square. It turned out that his hope was fulfilled, too. His opponent ran out, and soon after him until Suro Bodong square. When they both were in the square, the soldiers immediately execute a predetermined plan. They surrounded the square with a row of the meeting. Most of the other soldiers call the residents by shouting on horseback who rode every where, “Suro Bodong been caught …! Suro Bodong caught ….!The sentence will be meted to him today …! “
Residents who have missed the cash hatred against Suro Bodong running around soon gathered into the square. All activities to be left only to watch Suro Bodong tortured.

But they were stunned. Everyone will say, “Hahh …?! How come there are two Suro Bodong? “
While the original Suro Bodong is fighting with a fake. Wijaya and Rahuto asked to give an explanation to the community, “That was wearing a red shirt Suro Bodong who killed your family, while those not wearing it is that we Suro Bodong punishment first. Now he wants to prove that he is not Suro Bodong we are looking for …!Just look at them! “The sentence was uttered many times by Rahuto and Wijaya.


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