Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 4

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“Yes, He is a Bodong Suro. He wants to avenge his father’s death in prison. Fraud concerning his father in carrying out his duties as Interpreter Pay Duchy reported by Raden Mas Purwakusuma. Because the report Pragulo father imprisoned and died in custody. Now he finished studying. He returned to his father’s death Raden Mas Purwakusuma. Because Raden Atmaja, the former husband’s Puji Wardani is the offspring of Raden Mas Purwakusuma, then he took to be annihilated. ”

“But why did he also kill innocent people?” Suro Bodong said, “As I said, he wanted to wash off the confidence again to Duke. He later will burn people to revolt. And when it’s a coup, your position may be overthrown, then he will be this duchy seized power.” “Oo …. so ….” Duke nodded. “And about the disguise? Why is he pretending to be Suro Bodong exactly once so? ”

“He knows my name. He knows who I am. And if I get killed by your men, then the Empire Township that will attack and spend this Duchy.
In the war between the Duchy of this with my empire, Pragulo will definitely take part, so that the Duke was nominated to be here, although the Duchy of this will be under the authority of the Sultanate of Praja. At the very least, if you’re in touch with me and be angry, I could kill all the important people in this Duchy.
When you’re gone, he would set up the remnants of the Duchy with you. Something like that way of thinking Pragulo … “
Duke became clear the problem. Then he immediately mobilized his soldiers to find where Pragulo located. Carefully they should be able to persuade Pragulo by saying, that the Duke in desperate need of energy to be a constable. It was not difficult to find Pragulo in the former home first.
Pragulo successfully deceived and he is willing to face the Duke Lohgawe. Previously, a plan has been prepared first.
When Pragulo came, he was greeted well by the Duke of Lohgawe. Puji Wardani even come with a friendly welcome and spoiled, like when they were kids. But when Suro Bodong appear at the meeting, and his face looked surprised Pragulo be biased.

Even if he had covered his with a feeling of uneasy calm, but be aware that the Duke himself seems uneasy Pragulo since the emergence of a genuine Suro Bodong.

“Pragulo …” said the Duke. “We are all tired of a mess created by Suro Bodong false. Well, who stood beside the original Suro Bodong. He himself admits that his knowledge false Bodong Suro really great. Nobody match it. That’s according to him …. “Duke pointed Suro Bodong. I have agreed with my family, the employee-servant to look for a warlord! Not a constable, but a warlord Duchy Kidang Kencana, that position is the number two in the Duchy was after me. Are you able to become Chief of our Duchy of War, Pragulo. ”


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