Three Relevant Questions To Determine Whether The Marriage Can Be Rebuilt After An Extramarital Affair

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For the time being you’ve made the commitment to remain in the marriage after the marital affair yet the fact is there’s a lot of work in front of you. What your mate did is over and done with so there is no going back. Their outright disregard toward you put the entire spousal relationship in jeopardy. Why?

Just so they can indulge their selfishness. Now after the fact your spouse all of a sudden recognized the damage they did. While you did say yes initially you didn’t provide a strong affirmation. There are a few questions that need to be answered.

1. Just how Deep-Seated Is The Affection?

The news of your mate’s unfaithfulness flipped your world inside out and for many individuals that’s more than enough reason to end the marital relationship. Any actual feelings they had toward their mate are damaged beyond fixing and they have no desire to try. In contrast other victims of a cheating spouse do not feel this way.
True what their mate did was horrible but their affection can be so strong that they are ready to do anything that must be carried out to fix the relationship. And in many cases the relationship comes back even stronger. It is in your hands to assess where your love is before deciding to make a final decision with regard to the two of you staying together.

2. Just how Good Was That Apology?

The caliber of your significant other’s apology will be a huge factor in your making the decision to salvage the relationship. If it was done half-heartedly with a bare minimum of effort it could indicate the path forward will most likely be tricky and in all likelihood the marriage will never succeed. It suggests your spouse is not really sorry for what they did but more likely they’re sorry that you caught them.

Having said that a sincere apology doesn’t necessarily indicate your mate is motivated to fix the relationship. It may be an acting job so you won’t leave them but they will probably continue being unfaithful. Sadly you have got no ironclad guarantees. Nevertheless seeking to be forgiven in a genuine fashion often is a very good indicator and exactly how hard your mate will work to change their ways.

3. Is Your Spouse Really Changing?

Talk is cheap. What are they working on to ensure what happened doesn’t reoccur? Are they making the changes themselves or do you have to consistently remind them to do so? Are these changes trivial in nature or are they of the drastic variety? This more than love or asking to be forgiven can determine the the future of your marital relationship. If your mate isn’t making any real effort to change than it is probably just a matter of time before they return to cheating on you.


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