Recipes: How to Make Pancakes

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To make these pancakes you will need:

  • 100g (4oz) plain or self-raising flour

  • Large pinch of salt

  • 1 egg

  • 250ml (½ pint) milk

  • 1 tablespoon of melted butter


Here’s the equipment you’ll need to make the pancakes:

  • A sieve to sift the flour

  • A whisk to beat the mixture

  • A mixing bowl to hold the mixture

  • A frying pan, preferrably non-stick

  • A fish slice for flipping pancakes

  • A hob

Weigh out 100g of flour and sift it into a bowl and then add a large pinch of salt. Crack an egg into the bowl, then measure out 250ml of milk and add it to the bowl. Finally add a tablespoon of melted butter and beat all the ingredients together until you have a smooth creamy mixture. Now you have your pancake mix!

Next up is making the pancakes, you will need a frying pan, preferrably non-stick to prevent the pancakes from getting stuck in the pan and ripping. Then add a small knob of butter into the pan and melt at medium heat. 

When the butter is sizzling pour just enough mixture into the pan to thinly cover the base, then continue frying until the pancake starts to take form.

When it is golden brown in colour, attempt to flip the pancake with a fish slice, or if you’re feeling lucky try flipping the pancake in the air! You will need a lot of practice to get it right!

Keep frying the pancake until the other side is golden brown in colour, moving it with your fish slice to make sure it doesn’t stick.

When the pancake is cooked and golden brown, serve it on a plate and you’ll have your first pancake! Simply repeat this with the rest of your mixture, you should get approximately 6 pancakes.

Once you have served your pancake, you can season to taste. Lemon or orange juice, white or brown sugar, golden or maple syrup etc. Personally I prefer to squeeze lemon juice lightly around, then drizzle with some golden syrup, and finally gently sprinkle brown sugar over the pancake so it soaks into the syrup.

Now, enjoy those pancakes!


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