Christian Religion

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Christian Religion is legendry traditional ancient wide-spread admired religion among world as contains millions of followers, is in first position if we compare this to diverse world’s religions. It is considered that Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ (Considered that Christ was born in B.C. 4 in Judaea and started preaching about the kingdom of God when he was thirty). In other words- “Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jew named Jesus Christ”. According to this religion in Church, devotees burned candles and made peace as formally done the process of pray, heartily worshiped Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ

Jesus” word comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Joshua means a common name which means “savior” and “Christ” is a title comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Messiah meaning “anointed one”. Today Christ is using as both the name and the Surname. According to the real historical birth date of Jesus is unknown; the church declared that his birthday would be celebrated on 25th December every year. Jesus Christ is known by many names such as Jesus of Nazareth, etc.


Christianity is a monotheistic ancient religion; spread throughout the Roman Empire where it was made the state religion in the 4th century A.D. and later, the Church split into broad groups as the western church under the Pope in Rome and the Eastern Churches under the Patriarchates of Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople.
Still later due to the further disruption took place, Protestantism broke up the Roman Church and while in the Eastern Churches, many communities like the Armenians, Ethiopians, Russians and Italians set up their own Patriarchies. In Christianity dominantly believed that Christian religion was founded by Jesus Christ.


Holy Bible is a collection of sacred scripture of both Judaism and Christianity. The Christian Scripture and Jewish Scripture, both are known as Bible. Holy bible is most significant admired book (scripture) in Christian religion popular among world.

Sacred Palace

Jerusalem, where Christ lived and preached, is the most sacred place for the Christians all over world.

Roman Catholic Church is the world’s largest Christian Church or we can say that sacred dominant shrine palace of Christian religion.

The biggest popular festival of Christians (Christmas Day) is celebrated every year in month 25th December.

Finally, Christian Religion is world famous as contains billions of followers and it is at position first with respect to all diverse religions…


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