Do You Find it Hard to Find a Job?

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Do you find it hard to find a job?

I found it very hard to search for a job speacially in India. It is true that people are 10 times as that of the jobs in India and then you have the competition among the best of the best. So it is quite hard to find the correct job. But is it so hard as I said above really? My answer is no. 

I say that it is just another thing which you do in your life and it is also not that hard as we think. There are some basics here which we need to follow for thinking like that or else you would be always fearing the job hunt process. 

The first and foremost thing that one should adhere of is patience and a lot of patience. In countries like India, there is a lot of competition because of less jobs available in the market. So it requires quite a bit of patience to get the job you need for your life. 

The second thing is to have a right choice of the idea of the jo that you want to do. You should have a clear picture of the profile you want to work on. If you have it straight away, you need not worry much because you don’t have to concentrate on any other kind of jobs then. But if you are not focused or don’t know which job is suitable for you and what is your interest, then it is a very big problem. You might have seen guys settling down in their early twenties just because they were focused and they knew which field they wanted and they go for it full fledgedly. But it is not correct that you should have that thought process at the begining of your career. You might find a clear picture after some days of struggle in many different jobs also. But the earlier you decide your things for the future the more you have the chance of getting settled in a field. 

The third thing is when you decide some interviews for yourself, you need to just study about that profile and the company a little more than you study actually. You need to have a clear picture of the queries that you will find in the interviews and you have to practice those thoroughly. This is just the basic rule that one has to follow for succeeeding in interviews. You can’t just be casual with your approach about the knowledge that you should have for that profile. 

It does not matter how long it will take but the fact remains the same that we all are not lucky to get the jobs in the first attempt. It goes on for months when you are casual but it can take just a week if you are serious about that. 

The last thing that I want to discuss here is about communication. In fact I should have discussed it right at the top of this article as this is the first point a candidate should think about while preparing for any interviews. Nowadays it is the basic requirement in almost all kinds of jobs and fields. If you are weak in this, then you need to keep going for the interviews regularly and continue practicing it after each interview. 

The more you attend the interviews, more are the chances of getting selected in those. You got to beleive that and without thinking too much about the results, just keep on giiving your best everywhere. 


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