Abel's Death is Not my Portion

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    Adam  knew his wife eve and they gave birth to a son called Cain ,of course you know what i mean ,before you could spell the word c-a-i-n ,he knew his wife again and she gave birth to another son called Abel.By default both of the twins  were farmers because that was the only profession. Abel  rears animals while his elder brother Cain plant crops,as was the custom of those days ,every year after harvest ,a sacrifce of there output  was  made to God .Abel sacrificed the fattest calf to God and God savored the sweet smelling  aroma of his sacrifce,this prompted God to  embarass  him immensly  with assortment of blessings,inorderwords Abel was a  man  of intergrity .Cain gathered  all the rotten crops ,even those rejected by Abel’s goats and quickly and hapharzadly arranged it for God . The smell was neauseating and God rejected it . Garbage in   garbage out , consequently  he was embarased with assortment  of garbage  blessings. Infuriated , he  hatched a plan and hacked down his brother  in cold blood and secured a special place in the history books as the first murderer on earth.This proves that   what you put into life  is what you get back,when the blessings starts rolling in ,  there is bound to be envy and  jeolousy . Abels blood was pure and uncontaminated ,that is why you normally hear about the blood  that speaks better things than the blood of Abel, which is the blood of jesus christ . The good news is that  the weapons of our  walfare are not canal ,they are mighty through the pulling down of all strong holds,i   will   never die like Abel . In soccer just like in life ,attack is the best form of defence ,if you constantly defend ,the attack  will increase but when you attack ,your attackers will recede .A prayerless christain is as powerless as a feather  ,if you cannot pray ,get ready to play defensive ,you may  just die like Abel.We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high and low places .This principalities and powers as spiritual beings needs a human medium to operate .As a christain ,you wrestle against this human beings who are the mobile habitaat  of this spirits  .Nothwithstanding ,with prayer you will always be ahead of the situation .It is this pricipalities and powers that got hold of Cain ,and turned him into a murderer . let the blessings come ,the death of Abel is not my portion


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