Marriage Between Friends

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Good friends will become good couples, if they both are in love. There is nothing wrong in marrying our good friend, if we like him/her very much. In fact this kind of persons who marry their best friend will lead a happy and peaceful life. True and real friends always have a good understanding with each other and know about the thoughts and attitudes of the other person.

Friendship may include love. But all the lovers must have a good friendship with each other, in fact friendship is the beginning stage of the love. Most of the lovers get promotion from friendship, so there is nothing wrong in marrying our best friend and selecting our close friend as our life partner, if both of us are interested in it.

Some persons are not interested in marrying a strange person as well as don’t have any lovers or not interested in love. This kind of persons can select their best friend as their life partner. Our friends know about us very well and have a good understanding about our character, behavior and attitude. 

Most of the persons who are in love start their relationship as a good friend at the beginning and impressed with some unique quality of the other person and converted their friendship as love, in other words, friendship is the start of the love for this kind of persons. Most probably the person who is married their best friend will live a happy and peaceful life with their understanding. So it is recommended to select your best friend is your life partner, if both of you are interested in it.

What is your opinion in this sort? Do you think Good friends will become good couples? Are you interested in marrying your best friend? Do you think it is wrong? What do you think about marriages between good friends? Do you support this kind of activity? or you think a friend must always be a friend and it is wrong to have relationship with our friend and friendship and marriages are different? Does any of you married your good friend?


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