Admire Your Parents

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Parents are living god to every one. No one have the ability to see the god, but we can see our parents and we can talk and walk with them. We can share our happiness and sorrows with them. They always working hard for our sake and children’s happiness is the parents happiness. Each and every parent is deserved for the children admiration. It is not easy to raise a kid, we will  know about the pains and vain in the parenting only with our experience.

Our parents raised us in a good manner and sacrificed a lot of things for our sake. In our childhood days, school and college days we don’t know more about their struggles and sufferings and give some unwanted problems to them with our activities. But they are always affectionate with us and tolerate all the struggling. In fact they sacrificed most of their life for their kids and working hard for our growth. Most of the parents are like candles, they are losing themselves to give brightness to their kids.

Sadly some youngsters don’t know the value of the parents and send them to the old age homes. Surely this kind of youngsters must avoid this kind of activities. Elders are our living treasure and we must give a lot of importance to them. Elders are experienced people and they know lot of things in life. Surely we must keep our parents in our home and give importance to them. In our childhood days our parents provide a lot of love and care to us, in the same way we must give the same love and care to them in their old age and try our maximum to help them in various sort.

Never hurt your parents with your activities. Try your maximum to reduce their burden and keep them happy. Parents are the persons who are deserved for our admiration, since they struggled a lot to grown up us in a good manner. If we are in a good position in our life, surely our parents are the main reason for our position. They taught a lot of things to us from our childhood and shape us in a good manner, with their great effort we get a position in our life. Appreciate and admire your parents for their great work.


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