Rude Persons

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While using online sites and public media we must be careful about our words and use kind and polite words, since our posts and comments can be read by various people, we must avoid harsh and rude words in this kind of media. We have lot of friends in online sites and interact with them frequently we may have some misunderstandings and arguments with our friends, but don’t use rude words to hurt anyone. Since our posts can be read by every one and if we hurt a person with our words, surely it will be a great insult to him/her among others.

Recently i read an argument in an online site and both of the persons who are arguing are very anger and use harsh words with each other. In fact their argument is going on a page and most of the words and comments surely give a lot of pain to each other as well as the readers will feel a lot of pity for them for their activity. I wonder why this kind of people started argument in a public site and quarreling with each other in public? if you are interested in quarreling with a person you can use the messaging service and tell their fault in a private manner, it will help the person to know about their fault and s/he will change is fault in future. This kind of public quarrels are not good.

If a person is lost a thing or a pet animal and worrying for it, we must give our support to them and help them to reduce their worry with our words, don’t hurt them more with your words and comments. Lot of people are using social sites to share their problems, worries and enjoyments and seeks friends support to solve their issue. We must avoid placing rude comments or harsh words and try our best to give solution to solve their issue.

There is nothing wrong in being kind with everyone and we will get more friends in this way. Always try your maximum to be kind with your friends. Avoid being rude and giving harsh comments or replies in social sites. We don’t get any benefits by being rude and hurting other persons. Being kind will help you in lot of sort.


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