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Everyday we browse a lot of sites in our system, some of them may affected with virus or malwares and our system will get affected with this kind of sites if we don’t have a proper anti virus software in our system. We must install the best anti virus and anti malware software in our system to protect it from unwanted virus, threats and malware infections.

Some good anti virus/maleware software are available for free and we can download them from trusted site and protect our system from unwanted virus. Some anti virus software like kaspersky, Mccafe are available with paid version and we are in need to paid this software to protect our system. I am using AVG to protect my system and it is giving a proper protection to me. Previously i used licensed version of kaspersky and browse the net without fear, as kaspersky will alert me if anything wrong while browsing and i skipped the site after getting the alert.

Lot of sites are available for downloading free anti virus software. Cnet is one of the best site which allows us to download free antivirus softwares like AVG, avira, avast and others. Using cnet, we can download lot of computer softwares and browsers like google chrome, firefox, internet explorer and others, it is the best and trusted site for downloads and we can download the software without any virus or threats from this site.

If you don’t have any anti virus software in your system, go to the cnet site and download the best anti virus software like AVG to protect your system. AVG is having both virus and malware protection and we can get full version of AVG for free, some sites offer trail version and we can enjoy the full benefits for a limited period, after the end of the trial period we are in need to buy the full software. 

Security is very important for our system, to keep our important data in a safe manner. Never allow your computer to be affected with unwanted virus, always keep a good anti virus software in your system as well as update your virus software frequently to get good protection from unwanted  threats and virus. A computer which is affected with virus will slow down at the beginning after that we will face some unwanted issues due to virus affection. Always give importance to your system security.


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