Are Discount Grocery Stores Safe

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The Discount grocery stores are also known as scratch and dents stores. They have similar lines of products but they have recently expired or there are dents or scratches on the food cans. Here you will find some information regarding how to find out what is safe to buy.

1. How To Break The Codes 

A product has a wide range of dates. Besides expiration dates, there are also other types: best if used before dates, use-by or sell-by dates and coded dates. Each of them has its own meaning.

2. Understand Coded Dates 

There are different types of dates on a product and some are coded. They appear as series of letters and numbers for the producer to be able to keep track of a certain product or line. They are also used by stores to identify all the range of products in case of a recall or to rotate the food.

3. Best If Used By Dates

Their role is to tell the customer that the product has the highest quality level and flavour until the specified date. They are still safe to consume even after this date has passed but it is recommend for you to enjoy them before.

4. Use-by Dates

The producer is also responsible for properly determining them. They represent the last day in which the product will still have the highest quality and flavour level if consumed. They are not related to safety dates.

5. Sell-by Dates 

This is the last day in which the product should be bought. The product can still be used at home but, if this date has passed, you should not buy the product anymore. This is considered a warning date.

6. Baby Food

Respect the dates in the case of baby food and especially, if you are buying formula. If it is kept for too long, the consistency of the formula changes. As a result, it might not go through the nipple of the baby’s bottle. If you do not use it before the specified dates, its nutritional values might also decrease or change.

7. Throwing Away

Foods that have bacteria can lead to botulism. Avoid cans with deep dents, or cracked. If food is kept at extreme temperatures, it is not safe anymore regardless the dates written on it. Moreover, if the content of a can bursts when you open it, if it has an unusual colour or smell, it is also not safe. Tossed cans should be kept out of the reach of animals.

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