Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 3

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“Pragulo Renggono child’s uncle. Yesterday he came to offer themselves for arrest man who called Suro Bodong. but he did not know if you’re the real Bodong Suro. And …. then he asked for more prize if he succeeds in capturing Suro Bodong. He even volunteered to become constable who will guarantee the security of the Duchy of this, but ask for higher wages. My father is considering a bid. “
“Pragulo was the magic, hah?”
“He said he had just finished studied at Mount Mahageni. And ….I think he had a pretty good science, in fact, he offered himself as a constable, head of security in the Duchy. “
Having been silenced for a moment thoughtfully, Suro Bodong asked how probing,
“You have long known him?”
“I have. As a kid I played with him. First, his father worked as an Interpreter Pay Dutchy…. “
“And …?”
“Then …. misappropriation of money his father did. He sought the advantage to enrich themselves.
Frauds do, unfortunately caught by Father Purwakusuma, then reported. That time was my grandfather who became Duke: The Duke of Sindang Mukti … “
“Oh, is not your grandfather who occupied that room?”
“It’s the grandfather of my mother.”
“Oo …. continue?” Suro fishing information. “Uh, you said, who reported fraudulent Pragulo father was? Romo Purwakusuma? “
“You mean …. Raden Mas Purwakusuma?”
“Yes. But I called him Father. “
“Why so? Do they have any relationship with you? “
“He’s my in-laws. The parents of my husband’s ex: Kang Mas Atmaja. ”

“Oooo ….. so that children Raden Atmaja Raden of Raden Mas Purwakusuma? Who massacred a family? “
“Yes. Right, and …. “
“Wait, wait ….! Do not speak. Shut up …! “Suro Bodong excited.He stood up, frowning. Scratching his mustache. Pacing back and forth several times. Praise
Wardani amazed at him. He was waiting for permission to speak.Suro talking as he paced.
“So …. Raden Mas Purwakusuma it-in-law, huh?
And …. Pragulo was the son of …. Uncle Renggono.
Fraud about money. Raden Mas Purwakusuma reported. And ….Oh, yes …. continue what my father Pragulo fate after it was reported about fraud? “
“Imprisoned by my grandfather, and …. he died in prison. Diedwith grief and distress. “
“Hemmm … yes, yes, yes …!” Suro Bodong nod.
“Then, tell your dad to call Pragulo …!”
“And …?”
“Have him call me, and receive as a constable or give a gift fromher height could catch Suro Bodong …!”
When it was presented to the Duke of Lohgawe,
The Duke was surprised at the suggestion his daughter.
“Why have Suro Bodong mean that?”
Suro appeared from the living room, and he himself explained.
“Pragulo Bodong Suro’s a fake.”
“Pragulo …?” Duke and his wife in amazement.


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